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LG OLED production halted by gas leak

2 die as South Korea's labour ministry step in

by Mark Hodgkinson Jan 14, 2015 at 2:20 PM

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    LG OLED production halted by gas leak
    The Ministry of Labour in South Korea's has ordered LG Display Co Ltd to cease operations on an OLED panel production line following a gas leak which has led to the death of two workers.
    It's reported the gas involved is Nitrogen, which is currently considered as the gold-standard atmosphere in which to produce OLED panels. Producing an OLED panel in an air environment often leads to there being defects in the panel and the vacuum technique is extremely expensive, but recent breakthroughs in an ink-jet printing technique, which calls for an all-Nitrogen environment had the promise of bringing much cheaper OLED TVs to market.

    This is obviously going to put a fly in the ointment, as far as LG's OLED plans for 2015 are concerned, and there's no indication as to when production will be allowed to resume. We do have to remember that this is just one production line, however, and LG has other factories around the globe. Of more concern would be the safety of the workers, at this time, than any over what it's going to mean for the retail price of the TVs .

    An LG Display spokesperson has confirmed the news but didn't comment further on the effects over production and sales but they are clearly working toward a resumption of operations, as soon as possible.

    Source: Reuters

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