LG launch new Super UHD TVs at CES

HDR10, Dolby Vision & HLG all supported and Technicolor comes on-board

by hodg100 Jan 3, 2017 at 9:29 AM

  • LG will be showing its new range of SUPER UHD TVs (models SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000) featuring Nano Cell technology at CES 2017 which, according to the manufacturer, will to take LCD TV viewing to a whole new level.
    All of LG’s SUPER UHD TV models offer ‘Active HDR’ with Dolby Vision allowing for multiple HDR formats, granting users access to the full spectrum of HDR content.

    Nano Cell LCD displays employ uniformly-sized particles approximately one nanometer in diameter to create more subtle, accurate colours that can be viewed from wider angles than other TVs, including Quantum Dot displays, says LG. In fact, the company says the screens have virtually no colour difference for viewers seated directly in front of the screen and those watching from a 60 degree angle.

    Nano Cell achieves such results by absorbing surplus light wavelengths to enhance the purity of the colours displayed on the screen. These light absorbing capabilities allow LG’s new LCD displays to filter distinct colours with much greater precision, rendering each colour exactly as it was intended by the original content producer. For example, the colour green on conventional TVs can blend with other colour wavelengths – such as yellow or blue – causing the colour to fade and take on yellowish or cyan hues. LG Nano Cell reduces instances of colour fading, image instability and other colour degradation issues. Nano Cell technology also reduces on-screen light glow to maintain high picture quality even when the screen is surrounded by intense ambient lighting.

    Technicolor, one of Hollywood’s experts in image and colour, is partnering with LG to deliver TV image quality that conveys the artistic intentions of cinematic producers. Home movie lovers will benefit from Technicolor’s 100 years of experience in developing and implementing advanced colour technologies through Technicolor Expert Mode, designed to deliver the most accurate colours possible in LG’s SUPER UHD TVs. We assume that LG’s association with THX, whom have been providing pretty much the same thing to LG for some time now, is no more.

    Furthermore, LG’s new Nano Cell TVs use improved ULTRA Luminance technology to deliver brighter, crisper image highlights. The new lineup also supports a variety of HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). The TVs also feature the new HDR Effect processing which they claim raises image quality for SDR content. With the HDR Effect feature, SDR images are processed frame-by-frame to improve brightness in specific areas, enhance contrast ratios and render more precise images.

    With support for BT.2020 and the ability to render over one billion possible colours, every new LG SUPER UHD TV is equipped with Active HDR and Dolby Vision, allowing for display of next generation HDR content that has been designed to render brighter scenes and greater shadow detail. Active HDR allows the TV to process the HDR picture frame-by-frame and inserts dynamic data where needed. This process allows the TV to offer the best picture to the viewers, whether the original HDR content contains dynamic, static or no metadata at all.

    There’s also a revamped Smart TV platform in webOS 3.5 that is equipped with enhancements for easier control and faster access when using the improved Magic Remote and the new Magic Link feature. Viewers can instantly access their favorite services such as Netflix and Amazon by pressing a single button on the remote, tapping into a wide variety of 4K programming. The new Magic Link button provides a quick gateway for finding favorite content and accessing information about the actors and characters on screen. And with the enhanced Magic Zoom, viewers can enlarge and record any part of the screen they wish to see close up. Connecting the TV to a mobile phone or PC with a USB cable allows one to enjoy 360-degree VR content. Using Magic Remote, viewers can move the scene in any direction or zoom in and out using the scroll wheel to view more or less details.

    Our 2017 SUPER UHD TV lineup with LG’s proprietary Nano Cell technology is a breakthrough in display technology that advances the LCD TV viewing experience to a level unlike any other,” said Brian Kwon, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company. “Nano Cell is another example of how LG is innovating and pushing the boundaries of display technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

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