Latest Captain America: Civil War trailer adds...!

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by Steve Withers Mar 10, 2016 at 9:46 PM

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    Latest Captain America: Civil War trailer adds...!
    Captain America: Civil War, or should that be Avengers 2.5, is fast becoming the most anticipated film of the year.
    Beware Spoilers!

    Aside from being the sequel to the excellent Captain America: The Winter Soldier and having the same creative team behind it, the film also boasts almost all of the Avengers. Only Thor and the Hulk are missing but they'll be taking part in their own adventure in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. However in their place we get a returning Ant-Man, Black Panther and, for the first time in the Marvel universe, Spider-man. Thanks to a deal struck with Sony, everyone's favourite web-slinger will be appearing in Civil War and he's being played by British actor Tom Holland. The latest trailer for Civil War not only includes plenty of new footage but also our first look at the new Spider-man, which should keep fans happy until the film actually opens on the 29th of April.

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