Klipsch T5 earphone series covers most bases

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by Andy Bassett Aug 15, 2019 at 6:47 PM

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    Klipsch T5 earphone series covers most bases
    Klipsch’s four model collective of T5 earphones consists of versions to suit most needs, including sets for active users, neckband fans, wired enthusiasts and lastly, a true wireless set for those wanting ultimate freedom.
    Given the emphasis on a specific niche, each of these earphones - T5 True Wireless, T5 Neckband, T5 Sport, T5 M Wired - exhibit a degree of divergence. However, these models all share some of Klipsch’s underlying design and technology, starting with the dynamic moving coil micro speaker design which helps deliver high output and full bass extension across the range.

    In addition, they are all certified IPX4 sweat and water resistant, so even the models less likely to be used for sweat inducing activities can shrug off some environmental challenges.

    They all feature Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips for a secure fit, great noise isolation, superior bass and lower ear fatigue and each uses cVc mics (clear voice chat) though there are different configurations across the range - the T5 Sport has an array of sour, while the Neckband has dual mics.

    All the wireless models use Bluetooth 5 for their connection and this brings with it the advantages of power efficiency and multipoint pairing, meaning two pairs of earphones can share the same music source, useful if you want to use the T5 Sports to sync your workout to a buddy.

    These models also come with aptX support and, in the case of the T5 Neckband and Sport, aptX HD which allows for ‘near lossless’ support of 48kHz / 24bit LPCM audio.

    And coming in the autumn for all the T5 wireless earphones, the Klipsch Connect App will provide functions such as checking the battery level, firmware upgrades and adjusting EQ.
    T5 True Wireless: £175
    These come complete with a Zippo style carry case which also functions as a wireless charging station and features USB-C for fast powering. On top of a fully charged pair of T5 True Wireless earphones, which hold an eight hour battery life, the case can impart another 24 hours worth of charge, giving an overall 32 hours of nonstop playback and phone calls before a further boost is required.

    The four cVc mics are ready to let you impart your commands to the digital assistant of your choice which is activated by a single button click.

    T5 Neckband: £115
    Offering something for those who have an eye on design while providing the reassurance of connected earpieces and convenience of a wireless connection to your smartphone, the lightweight, hand-stitched, edge-treated leather neckband can be displayed around your neck or covered under the collar line.

    Dual cVc mics augment calls by enhancing voice clarity and inhibiting environmental noise, and a neck vibration feature alerts the wearer of incoming calls. Battery life for the T5 Neckband is 15 hours.
    T5 Sport: £110:
    A secure fit is essential in earphones designed for use during workouts and the patented oval ear tips working in tandem with the supplied earwings and Comply Ts-100 Comfort tips create a snug and comfortable fit. Couple this with adjustable cable management to get the length and tautness of the cable just right for the activity and the T5 Sports earphones should remain locked in place until you are ready for your cool down.

    The single lithium-ion battery supplies up to 10 hours of music playback and phone calls, and the 3 button remote allows for control over these with both Android and Apple devices.
    T5 Wired: £70
    For listeners who just want to concentrate on the music or podcast, the T5 M Wired set strips away the unneeded extra features to provide a simple, value for money solution for audio listening on the move.

    Available in black and white, the Klipsch T5 Neckband, T5 Sport and T5 M Wired are now on sale in the UK.
    The Klipsch T5 True Wireless is now available to pre-order from UK Klipsch dealers, and in stores from September 2019.

    Source: Press release
    Image Source: Klipsch

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