KEF launch Kube range of subwoofers

KEF invites you to explore hidden depths with the Kube12b, Kube10b, and Kube8b

by hodg100 Nov 9, 2017 at 8:38 AM

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    KEF launch Kube range of subwoofers
    KEF has launched its new Kube range of subwoofers, the Kube12b, Kube10b, and Kube8b.
    KEF’s design and engineering team have reportedly coordinated closely to develop an advanced Digital Signal Processing algorithm (DSP) known as iBX. This Intelligent Bass designed driver, is claimed to deliver ‘unparalleled precision and ultimate synchronicity' between amplifier, driver and sealed cabinet.

    As the product names suggest, the Kube subwoofers are available in three driver sizes – 12-, 10- and 8- inches – and promise to offer ‘unmatched flexibility’ in configuration. A range of LFE, line & speaker-level inputs, phase selection, and 3 DSP controlled EQ settings should help match the Kube to any room placement.

    Carslberg style, KEF says it is quite possibly the only high-end manufacturer able to design, engineer, and assemble the speaker driver, cabinet, and circuitry in-house.

    The KEF Kubes feature a 56bit 50 MIPS DSP preamplifier and a 300Watt Class D amplifier with DSP preamplifier/EQ. There’s also proprietary DSP programming developed by KEF’s UK engineering team and KEF smartConnect intelligent inputs that automatically detect mono or stereo and adjust the subwoofer volume level accordingly.

    These are sealed designs which they say provides greater accuracy and delicate musical detail while allowing the Kube subwoofers to be installed in a cabinet. The Kubes also feature some placement tuning pre-sets for Free standing, Wall/in-cabinet and corner.

    The Kube8b, Kube10b, and Kube12b are available now priced at £500, £600 and £700, respectively.

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