John Lewis Ends DVD Player Sales

Goodbye DVD?

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 23, 2018 at 2:08 PM

  • The UK's favourite department store says it will stop selling the players. John Lewis says that once current stocks run out they will not be replaced.
    This comes as sales are down 40%. More people are choosing to watch movies and shows on streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon. Nevertheless, John Lewis have said that they will continue to sell Blu-ray players. Of course, these support DVDs, as well as upscale them for HD TVs.

    Big sales for Big TVs:

    According to John Lewis, 55-inch televisions are now the most popular screen size. Eight years ago 36 inches screens were the most popular. Amazingly, during the World Cup over the summer, 70-inch screens notched up the biggest rise in sales.

    Last year, streaming accounted for more than four fifths of the £2.7bn UK video market. Nevertheless, Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk sold 640,000 copies on DVD and Blu-ray, so there is still value in the physical format market.

    However, whilst there are many places still selling DVDs and Blu-Ray, supermarkets now account for sales of one in two DVDs and one in three Blu-rays.

    New areas for growth:

    This year, for the first time, mobiles have become the most popular way for John Lewis customers to shop online. The number of orders placed on the devices is up by 35%.

    Interestingly, smart doorbells are the new must-have smart home gadget. Sales are up 367%. Robotic lawn mowers sales increased 75%, compared with last year. Smart home devices are clearly a growth area for the UK retailer.

    However, it's not all good news for John Lewis. This year has proved difficult for the department store, which they themselves admitted was "one of the toughest retailers have seen". Last month the Partnership, which also owns Waitrose, said profits fell to just £1.2m for the six months to 28 July. That's a fall of 99%.

    Is John Lewis dropping DVD players a positive move? Should customers shift towards Blu-Ray players? Or do DVD players still have a place in the market?

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