Jamo announces Concert 9 II speaker series

Acoustic hand-me-downs benefit newer speakers

by Andy Bassett May 24, 2019 at 1:25 PM

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    Jamo announces Concert 9 II speaker series
    Following the successful launch of their Studio 8 speaker range last year, Danish company Jamo are applying some of their latest cosmetic and acoustic updates to their internationally recognised Concert 9 series.
    The revamped Concert 9 II passive speaker line is designed to provide a natural, balanced sound for use in 2.0, 2.1 and home cinema setups and consists of two floorstanders (C 97 II and C 95 II), a centre channel (C 9 CEN II), two monitors (C 93 II and C91 II) and a surround speaker (C9 SUR II).

    The entire range uses Hybrid Composition Conical Cones (HCCC) for its main drivers which employ an SCS (stiff-compliant-stiff) sandwich cone structure. This arrangement means that the driver retains speed and control due to the stiff element while the compliant layer dampens vibrations, thus allowing the woofers to remain clear and clean in their voicing. Additionally, the application of Long Displacement Surround (LDS) technology allows for improved transient response, reduced distortion and minimised breakup by optimising the suspension system that holds the woofer. These approaches enable the mid- and low-end to transition smoothly with the frequencies from the tweeter.

    The tweeters themselves, are silk dome based and feature on every speaker in the Concert 9 II lineup. Clean, crisp audio is delivered by utilising a purpose designed diaphragm which has a larger surround that extends the frequency response plus an under-hung voice coil which is centred in ferromagnetic fluid to help reduce distortion. Jamo also bring their Anti-Diffraction WaveGuide (ADW) technology to bear to help steer frequencies, even when sitting outside the audio sweet spot.
    Moving onto the aesthetic updates, the speakers benefit from natural materials to help blend into modern home environments. The cabinets are made from furniture-grade, scratch-resistant Black Ash and there’s a limited edition White Oak option too, available as a special order while stocks last. Magnetic grilles are available in charcoal grey (the White Oak finish gets a heather grey version). The cabinets also feature satin painted MDF baffles and the floorstanding models rest on cast metal stabiliser feet.

    Stock will be available in the first week of June through any approved Jamo retailer (visit www.henlyaudio.com for an approved list)

    The Prices (per pair as appropriate) are as follows:

    C 97 II Floorstander: £900
    C 95 II Floorstander: £700
    C 93 II Monitor: £425
    C 91 II Monitor: £350
    C 9 CEN II: Home Cinema Centre: £275
    C 9 SUR II: Home Cinema Surround: £475

    Source: Henley Audio press release
    Image Source: Henley Audio

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