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ISE 2014: Toshiba launch 32-inch Ultra HD Monitor

TUM-32PRO1 can achieve 99% of Adobe RGB and comes with a calibration tool

by Mark Hodgkinson Feb 4, 2014 at 1:14 PM

  • Toshiba has announced a new Ultra HD monitor boasting 99% of Adobe RGB's colour gamut at ISE 2014.
    The TUM-32PRO1 is a 32-inch monitor aimed at creative professionals but it may interest those of you with high powered gaming rigs too.

    The TUM-32PRO1 is compatible with 99% of the Adobe RGB colour gamut, which means it can almost totally reproduce the colours in printed materials and its 10-bit capability allows it to deliver 1,073,740,000 different colours, at least in theory.
    10-bit Colour, Movie & TV Modes and compatibility with Rec.709

    The monitor is also compatible with major industry colour standards including BT-709, SMPTE-C and EBU and has dedicated TV and movie modes so it’s possible to see video content in a similar way to normal TV sets.

    The TUM-32PRO1 also features a low reflection film to reduce glare and the Direct LED backlit screen has individually controlled local dimming zones to increase contrast levels. There’s also some nifty backlight scanning/blinking processing to reduce motion blur.

    The monitor includes an X-Rite colour calibration tool that allows adjustments to the picture via LAN from your PC or tablet.

    The TUM-32PRO1 Ultra HD monitor will be available in Europe during the first quarter of 2014.

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