Is this the UK’s cheapest 55-inch 4K OLED TV?

Breaking the £1,000 barrier?

by hodg100 Dec 18, 2017 at 5:37 PM

  • You’ve probably never heard of the manufacturer – we’ve certainly never clocked electriQ before – but we can’t remember seeing an Ultra HD HDR OLED TV retail for just a shade under £1,000 before either.

    Note: Price is fluctuating and as of 20/12/2017 is at £999.97
    The electriQ 55UHDT2HOLED sports a 55-inch LG panel, although it’s not clear if it’s from 2016 or 2017 stock, HDR 10 compatibility and built in Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners while offering a Smart TV based on Android 6. It isn’t clear if that means it runs the Android TV OS – like Sony or Philips - or a tablet based version, whichever is used will be an important consideration in terms of the streaming apps.

    The advertising blurb on the retailer website states that the electriQ OLED TV “gives you unrestricted access to the Google Play Store, so you can download a wider choice of apps, including many you won't find on other smart TVs,” which gives us the impression that it’s not Android TV OS which, in turn, will likely mean the streaming apps won’t be HD, let alone Ultra HD/HDR capable but we’re awaiting clarification on this.

    Other features include three HDMI and two USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and USB recording capability. However it remains to be seen how good the processing is but it might make for a good bargain for those that aren’t too worried about the badge on the front.

    Source: Appliances Direct

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