Is Sony readying a Crystal LED TV?

Could CLEDIS knock OLED from its perch?

by hodg100 May 25, 2016 at 10:06 AM

  • Cast your minds back, if you can, to CES 2012 where Sony was promoting a display technology of the future they were terming Crystal LED, or CLED for short.
    CLED was heralded, by Sony, as being a step up on Organic LED (OLED) TVs, given its longer shelf life and higher peak brightness; like OLED, Crystal LED is also a self-emitting technology meaning it requires no backlight - and the associated issues that come with that - in addition to the display being able to go totally black and thus produce outstanding contrast performance. In short, it sounded like almost the perfect technology for a TV but the 55-inch model on show at CES 2012 was just a prototype and no more was ever heard of it. In the interim period, Sony has made significant cuts and structure changes to its television business so that’s probably understandable.

    Here is the AVForums video report on CLED at CES 2012

    Fast forward four years (and a few months) and CLED tech is back, although don’t get too excited about it just yet as, for the time being, it’s only scheduled to be included in a commercial product. Sony has renamed CLED as CLEDIS but the ideas and technologies behind it remain the same.

    The product in question is a giant 9.7m x 2.7m ‘canvas’ solution with an 8k x 2k resolution, 140% of the sRGB colour gamut, 1,000 nit peak brightness, 10-bit colour depth and a ‘near 180 degree’ viewing angle. The canvas is scalable given that it’s made up of 144 individual display units each measuring 403mm x 453mm.

    Our new technology is a giant new type of canvas for unprecedented flexibility and creativity in high-end visual simulation and entertainment,” said Damien Weissenburger, Business Head of Corporate & Education Solutions, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Compared to other solutions currently available for large-scale display it’s a leap forward in depth, contrast, wide viewing angle, colour, resolution – and pure visual impact.”

    The CLEDIS self-emitting display technology uses R (red), G (green), and B (blue) ultrafine LEDs mounted on the display surface, with each pixel emitting light independently. Each pixel is composed of one separate R, G and B ultrafine LED, with the light source only 0.003 mm2 in size. The remaining surface area is more than 99% black. The display also features unique pixel drive circuitry, to achieve fast video response with a frame rate of up to 120 frames per second (fps).

    We think you’ve probably seen where we’re going with this; if the technology is ready for the commercial sector – the display is scheduled for release Q1 2017 – then surely it can’t be far off being up to the demands in the domestic environment. Given its high peak brightness, wide colour gamut and ability to handle high frame rates, it sounds like an excellent solution as an Ultra HD/HDR TV display technology and we’re keeping everything crossed that Sony will have a new CLED(IS) TV to show at either IFA 2016 or CES 2017 and that it makes it beyond prototype stage.

    OLED beater? Only time will tell but this seems like a very interesting development…

    Source: Sony

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