iPad 2 phased out and new 8GB iPhone 5c released

Budget iPhone 5 available from today

by Mark Hodgkinson Mar 18, 2014 at 10:20 AM

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    iPad 2 phased out and new 8GB iPhone 5c released
    As per yesterday’s rumours, the iPhone 5c now has a new lower storage capacity version but Apple has also announced the demise of the iPad 2, as from today.
    Contrary to what many believed, the new iPhone 5c doesn’t mean the end of the line for the 4s, at least for now.

    In the iPad 2’s stead, Cupertino has reintroduced the iPad 4 (fourth generation, to be picky) which was phased out when they launched the iPad Air back in September 2013.

    All of which means, the death of the old 30 pin connector approaches with only the 4s and iPod classic remaining with the older dock.

    As it happens, and presumably for the time being only, the new 8GB 5c is currently only available to UK, Australian and Chinese customers and is up on the UK Apple Store site priced at £429, some £40 less than the 16GB version.

    Other than the reduced storage, the 8GB model is identical to the other 5c’s on the market so offers a 4-inch retina display, the A6 processor and an 8MP camera amongst its feature set.

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