HUMAX unveils FVP-5000T Freeview Play Recorder

Probably the best Humax recorder yet

by hodg100 Sep 27, 2017 at 2:07 PM

  • HUMAX has announced what it promises to be their easiest-to-use Freeview Play Recorder yet, with the launch of the FVP-5000T.
    The FVP-5000T HD TV recorder includes integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, delivering a range of catch up and on demand content services. This is in addition to 85 subscription-free TV channels (15 in HD) and more than 25 digital radio stations.

    The FVP-5000T is the first Freeview Play Recorder to incorporate three digital tuners, allowing up to four programmes to be recorded at once while the user watches another live channel, although this will depend on which Mux’s (multiplexes) the channels are being broadcast from. There are three hard drive options (500GB, 1TB and 2TB) available, enabling up to (approx.) 250, 500 or 1,000 hours of recordings to be stored. Prices start from £229.

    The FVP-5000T incorporates a new intelligent Smart Search feature designed by HUMAX, making it simple for owners to locate their favourite shows from live TV, recordings, Freeview Play apps and catch up TV. It also intuitively discovers and selects content from streamed VOD services such as YouTube.

    Furthermore, HUMAX has developed its own ‘Top Picks’ TV recommendation service. Within this menu, the most popular On Now (live), On Demand, Recordings and Freeview Play content can be selected by genre. Series or regular programmes with multiple episodes are displayed with dates into the future, so you can immediately see how long the entire series will run.

    An eight-day electronic programme guide (EPG) allows viewers to select, plan, remind and record, and also includes seven days’ catch up from within the guide.

    Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, the FVP-5000T provides access to catch up TV and on demand shows and movies via BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play, plus optional paid networks and services.

    The accompanying remote control features three prominent ‘hot keys’: a Freeview Play button for direct access to TV Guide, Players, Top Picks, Recordings, Media, Settings, Catch up and apps from one single screen; an On Demand button taking you straight to the On Demand area of the HUMAX Top Picks service, where On Demand content is recommended by Freeview Play; and a third dedicated button provides direct access to Netflix.

    The FVP-5000T also includes a Surf & Scan Banner. When watching Live TV, the viewer can press the ‘OK’ button on the remote to display a banner at the bottom of the screen showing the current programme information. With a press of the surrounding arrows, the user can then scroll up, down, left or right on the banner to see details of content from other channels. Another press of the OK button displays a full screen with detailed programme information. This then provides the option to record the programme or series, or set a reminder to watch later on catch up. Alternatively, when watching Live TV, you can press the up or down arrows to display a channel list on the left hand side of the screen, as well as a thumbnail and title of the current live programme

    The player also features its own media player for photos, videos and music from connected devices on your home network – such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, or directly from a USB stick – on an HD television via the Media tab from the Freeview Play Home screen. File formats supported include XviD, h.264, MP3 and JPEG.

    When paired with the HUMAX FVP-5000T, the all new HUMAX Live TV App allows you to control and plan your TV viewing while away from home directly from a smartphone or tablet. When used in the home, the app will allow content and live TV from the box to be streamed to the connected device. It also transforms the mobile device into a remote control for the set-top box.

    For owners of the HUMAX EYE HD Cloud Camera, live or recorded footage from the home security monitoring camera can be watched on a TV set via the FVP-5000T, through the dedicated, built-in HUMAX EYE app. The FVP-5000T can also be paired with the HUMAX H3 Smart Media Player as a ‘buddy box’, for multi-room TV with no subscriptions or fees.

    Graham North, vice president sales at HUMAX, said, “We’ve taken another leap forward in home entertainment with the FVP-5000T, delivering an outstanding array of live TV, on demand programming, catch up and streaming services packaged in an easy-to-use device that’s intuitive, fast and slick to operate. We’ve designed the interface to make planning, viewing, recording and searching content as simple as possible, while ensuring full integration with our smart home products, such as the HUMAX EYE and H3 Smart Media Player. We’ve also built in seamless Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity, so the user is in full control of their viewing whether they’re at home or not. With no hidden subscriptions or fees, this new Freeview Play box offers exceptional value and an extraordinary choice of entertainment for the whole family.”

    Available from the second week of October 2017, the HUMAX FVP-5000T has a suggested retail price of £229 for the 500GB model, £259 for the 1TB model and £299 for the 2TB model.

    More information on the HUMAX FVP-5000T can be found at

    Visit for a list of channels.

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