Hollywood blockbusters launched in Dolby Cinema

Now all we need are some Dolby Cinemas in the UK!

by Steve Withers Jul 23, 2015 at 9:39 AM

  • The news that Dolby was moving from film production to film presentation was greeted with genuine excitement, especially when the proposed specifications were announced.
    The news was somewhat tempered by the realisation that so far there are currently no Dolby Cinemas in the UK but the idea of a premium experience that uses Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos is certainly appealing. The Dolby Vision projection system uses state-of-the-art optics and image processing to deliver high dynamic range with enhanced color technology and a contrast ratio that far exceeds that of any other image technology on the market today. The result is designed to produce a dramatically different viewing experience that delivers strikingly vivid and realistic images that make viewers feel like they are in the movie’s world. Dolby Atmos on the other hand adds two layers of overhead speakers and an object-based approach to sound design to completely immerse the viewer in the aural experience.

    To date there have been a number of releases shown in Dolby Cinemas, most notably Disney.Pixar's Inside Out, Disney's Tomorrowland and Warner Bros. San Andreas. Now four more films have been announced for Dolby Cinema, kicking off with Sony Pictures Pixels and quickly followed by Paramount Pictures Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. They will be followed by Universal Pictures Everest and the final instalment of Lionsgate's Hunger Games series - Mockingjay Part 2. In addition, Twentieth Century Fox plans to bring its first slate of titles for Dolby Cinema. “We are excited for our films to be shown in Dolby Cinemas across the globe and look forward to announcing our upcoming slate to be graded in Dolby Vision,” said Chris Aronson, President of Domestic Distribution, Twentieth Century Fox. “Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos will allow our audiences to further enjoy their cinematic experiences, propelling moviemaking to the next level.”

    “Dolby Cinema delivers the ultimate experience to any movie, and we are excited to see major studios like Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Fox, and Universal release their first Dolby Vision titles,” said Doug Darrow, Senior Vice President, Cinema, Dolby Laboratories. “From action-adventure thrillers to science-fiction and retro arcade games, these Hollywood blockbusters will deliver unprecedented imagery and unparalleled sound that will transport audiences into these movies in a unique and powerful way when experienced at Dolby Cinema locations.”

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