Hisense releases dual-layer U9e LCD TV in China

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by Andy Bassett Jul 9, 2019 at 4:14 PM

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    Hisense releases dual-layer U9e LCD TV in China
    First seen at this year’s CES, Hisense’s dual-layer LCD was exhibited under the brand name ULED XD. Now Hisense China has launched the renamed 65-inch U9E in their home territory.
    In development for a number of years, the technology was first commercialised back in 2017 by Panasonic and used in professional monitors. The CES demo was recognised by the tech press as promising and was reported by FlatpanelsHD as having ‘deeper blacks, higher contrast and more saturated colours than conventional LCD TVs.’

    Although it goes by a variety of names and descriptions including BD cell, dual-cell, dual-stack, Hisense’s ‘dual-layer’ approach has been to stack two LCD panels on top of a full array LED backlight. The first LCD is a 1080p monochrome panel designed to modulate luminance in terms of dimming and contrast, the second is a regular 4K LCD panel to control the colour. Additionally, there are up to 5 chips that control backlighting and images.

    The company claims that this approach results in an LCD TV that has a contrast ratio ten times that of a standard LCD and a picture quality that rivals or even exceeds that of OLEDs in terms of peak brightness, colour gamut and colour accuracy.

    This is one of several approaches that TV manufacturers are taking in order to compete with OLED displays, As well as established technologies such as quantum dots for improved colour, wider viewing angles and more advanced local dimming zones in the LED backlights, the next few years could also see Micro LEDs and hybrid QLED screens making their way to the consumer in an effort to incorporate the benefits of OLED displays while diminishing some of the disadvantages.

    Despite their assertion that the dual-layer approach is cheaper than buying an OLED panel, the 65-inch U9e still comes in at 18,000 Yuan, (approx. USD2,600) making it relatively expensive for a domestically produced TV.

    Hisense has indicated that they will launch 55 and 75-inch versions next year and could bring the technology to territories other than China in the fullness of time. However, given that the screen was manufactured in partnership with China’s own BOE, for now, it appears Hisense are happy to champion this as a homegrown technological solution to match or exceed OLED image quality.

    According to Hisense executive, Wang Wei, “Hisense’s goal is to lead the high-end Chinese TV market”.

    Hisense discussed their range of TVs for the UK with AVForums earlier in the year but is the dual-layer LCD something you'd like to see make its way to the UK from China? Let us know in the discussion thread.

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    Image Source: Display Specifications

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