Hisense announces Laser Cast TV for US and expands ULED range

"History will validate our choices"

by Ed Selley Jan 4, 2017 at 8:44 PM

  • Hisense has announced that their 4K UHD Laser Cast technology is to be available in the US for the first time. The screens will be available in 70-140 inch sizes and the company claims that they offer superior performance to currently available rival technologies.
    While described at the conference as a 'TV', Laser Cast is actually an ultra short throw laser projector that boasts a claimed output of 2,700 Lumins. In the case of the flagship H10D, the unit also includes on board 5.1-channel audio and will be available in the back half of 2017 in the USA for $12,999.

    The company is still heavily committed to its ULED technology and the existing value H7 series is being joined by the H9 and H8 Series. There is also a sub series of both ranges marked with a D that adds a larger size (75 inches in the case of the H9D and not specified in the H8D) that has 'Motion 240 handling.' The 75 inch H9D plus model will have a US price of $2,500 at launch.

    Also of considerable interest are the R8 and R6 models that- as denoted by the letter- have Roku support built in and apparently, in the case of the R8 model, support for Dolby Vision, Wide Colour Gamut and Local dimming. In audio terms, DTS support is also being offered. As a US oriented presentation, no information was given as to the availability of these models outside of the US.

    As well as a flurry of TVs, Hisense has announced that for the first time, matching branded soundbars will be available- again at least initially in the US only. The company is also expanding the smart TV platform to include 40 standard apps as well as additional optional ones and a collated content 4K service.

    Perhaps the most interesting part of the presentation was by company president Liu Hongkin. Exclusively in Chinese (with subtitles on the screen behind him), he confirmed that Hisense would be moving to Quantum Dot (that was referred to as QLED in 2019 in the text suggesting Samsung's terminology has traction) and uttered the quote in the intro as to his view of which technology would supplant LCD. Time will tell.

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