GW100 Headphones Are Grado's First Wireless Bluetooth Set

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by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 14, 2018 at 1:33 PM

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    GW100 Headphones Are Grado's First Wireless Bluetooth Set
    Grado are famous for their open-backed headphones. The Brooklyn based company has never made a pair of bluetooth headphones. Until now.
    The GW100 headphones have a familiar look, featuring the classic design elements of many of Grado’s other, wired, headphones. However, these integrate Bluetooth tech along with volume controls on the cans.
    Previous Grado headphones have mostly been open backed. This makes them less than perfect for use when traveling or in noisy offices because of the amount of noise that leaks into and out of the headphones.

    Nevertheless, the company claims that they’ve redesigned the housings and internals of the GW100 to reduce noise leakage by 60 percent. In an effort to save weight there is no famed wooden enclosures on this design either.

    We recently reviewed the Grado GS2000e. We praised them for their fantastic sound as well as how easy they were to drive and their build quality. However, a pair of GS2000e cost almost £1,600. So we won't be expecting the same audio performance from the GW100.

    The wireless GW100 keep the same drivers found in many of Grado’s other products. It will be interesting to hear how the company tunes them for outdoor listening. The drivers support a frequency range of 20Hz~20kHz and have a nominal impedance of 32 ohms.

    Bluetooth version is 4.2 with apt-X support. This should mean latency free audio and video syncing. Good for those intending to use these to watch TV or movies on the go. The GW100 also have a built-in microphone, meaning hands-free calls are supported.

    The headphones charge via micro-USB and, the company claims, they offer a 15-hour battery life. Included is a 3.5mm cable along with a 6.5mm adapter.

    Grado Labs was founded in 1953, so they have a long history of making a range of headphones. Will the company's new cans match up to their legacy? Or is this a step too far for a company whose previous offerings have focused on home listening?

    The GW100 wireless headphones cost £199.95 and can be ordered now.

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