Grado Introduce 'Statement 2' High-end Phono Cartridge

Not just any old iron

by hodg100 Feb 8, 2017 at 10:40 AM

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    Grado Introduce 'Statement 2' High-end Phono Cartridge
    GradoLabs, best known for designing and manufacturing headphones, has announced its new flagship phono cartridge, the Statement 2.
    Joseph Grado, the founder of GradoLabs, was actually the inventor of the moving coil cartridge and patented the design in 1959, incidentally.

    GradoLabs still produce phono cartridges, but have moved away from pure moving coil designs. Instead, in pursuit of ‘ultimate’ sound quality, Grado now favours moving iron models and have spent more than two years analysing and upgrading every design parameter of their flagship cartridge. The result is the new 'Statement 2', the finest cartridge Grado has ever produced, says the company.

    Hand crafted in the USA, this new cartridge boasts a bespoke nude diamond stylus; precision cut to meet Grado's specifications, and mounted on a boron cantilever. Its low resonance, carved Australian Jarrah hardwood body, houses four reconfigured fixed coils; creating a precision machined generating system with a lower mass than any moving coil cartridge, it's claimed.

    The Statement 2 produces a 1.0 mV output, considered the optimum level to deliver maximum dynamics when paired with today's ultra-low noise phono stages. Recommended tracking force is between 1.5 and 1.9 grams.

    The new Grado Statement 2 isn’t for vinyl dabblers, however, it’s for the serious enthusiast priced at £3,000. The Statement 2 is available now.

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