Google Play adds 4K Disney movies

Google Plays the Endgame

by Andy Bassett Jul 26, 2019 at 10:41 AM

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    Google Play adds 4K Disney movies
    An advanced party of Disney 4K HDR movies from its Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm franchises, as well as its own library of content, will now be available - for purchase only - on Google Play in the US.
    Most notable amongst this announced batch of movies is the upcoming availability of cinema’s (now) biggest ever film, Avengers: Endgame, debuting on 30th July.

    The full list of movies is as follows:
    It’s a move of some significance since Disney has previously not typically offered 4K content for purchase through online delivery platforms. The choice to use Google Play is interesting since there is a clear price difference between HD content and 4K content - for example, $5.00 when taking Infinity War at $19.99 for HD and $24.99 for 4K. Compare this to when Google first introduced 4K UHD movies back in 2016, here they upgraded viewers’ previous SD and HD purchases to 4K for free.

    Apple insists that 4K content available from its iTunes library must have the same price as the HD version of the film and it also has a more well established library to choose from. Could the 4K premium Google seems to be applying, plus the smaller catalogue (thus making Disney’s additions more prominent) have been deciding factors in choosing Google Play as the platform?

    Currently, the HDR employed is limited to HDR10 since Google Play does not offer Dolby Vision HDR nor the object-based surround sound audio format, Dolby Atmos.

    Google has stated that this is merely the first tranche of 4K movies from Disney, and others will be added to the Google Play catalogue in the coming months. There’s no word on when they plan to roll availability out to other territories.

    In order to enjoy this 4K content from Google Play viewers, will need compatible devices, such as a Chromecast Ultra, 4K Android TV, as well as many recent Samsung and LG Smart TVs.

    As soon as the Disney 4K catalogue becomes more widely available, how many AVForums members plan to make purchases through Google Play? Would you rather have the physical disc? Let others know in the discussion thread.

    Image Source: Disney UK, Google

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