Google Pixel Slate and Home Hub Debut

Google try to take over the home and office

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 9, 2018 at 5:11 PM

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    Google Pixel Slate and Home Hub Debut
    Google have made a huge push on hardware over the past few years and now they have announced their latest attempts to take on the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Samsung.

    The Google Home Hub:

    Google have gone big on design with their products and have made a big deal of the rounded corners and premium fabrics of its latest Google Home Devices.

    Another big sell for this is that it works with you. Ambient EQ is Google's latest technology that allows the screen to dim and change its colour temperature based on the time of day. The screen even turns off at night and on again in the morning.

    The Google Home Hub features a very big change from its competitors since there is no camera built into the device. This is very different from Amazon’s Echo Show. A key selling point of the Echo Show is that it allows for easy video calling. Google though are selling this as 'privacy and security first', meaning no camera. Along with this, Google has built in a child content filters, so parents can restrict their children's viewing.

    ‘Voice Match’ knows which user is speaking to it and tailors its response based on that individual. It can also be used in a multilingual environment.

    The price is $149, US, with pre-orders from today (October 9th, 2018) in the UK.

    Google Pixel Slate:

    This is a tablet but it runs Chrome OS, not Android. Chrome OS has been redesigned to have a new launcher to better suit touch-only use. This means it also has the full desktop Chrome browser.

    Google spent a good part of the presentation talking about the specially designed screen on the Slate. It has a 293 PPI resolution - that's 6M pixels - and has dual, front firing speakers.

    The device can also run full power Linux apps. the power button is a fingerprint sensor for enhanced security and it has a full sized snap-on keyboard that requires no charging or pairing. It is full sized with multiple points of adjustment, back-lit and has a large trackpad. It also turns into a case to protect the device.

    Prices are $599 for the Slate, $199 for the Keyboard, $99 for the pen. It'll come to the US, Canada and the UK on 22nd October, 2018.

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