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Leaked Photos suggest Motorola Google Smartwatch Plans

Is this an early prototype of a Nexus wearable device?

by Mark Hodgkinson Feb 26, 2014 at 9:59 AM

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    Leaked Photos suggest Motorola Google Smartwatch Plans
    We reported earlier in the week that LG were rumoured to be working on a smartwatch for Google but leaked pictures published online would suggest Motorola had already been doing the same.
    The shots look bad and grainy enough to suggest that they are real but whether this particular device will ever come fruition is open to question, given Google’s recent sell-off of Motorola to Lenovo.

    It certainly looks no more than a prototype device with a squarish display, an Android style back button and a USB charging port. There is also what appears to be a microphone, which would tie in with the widely held belief that Google Now will be integrated in to any such device but, of course, the expectation is that it will integrate with Android phones for voice call duties.

    Android Police, who have published the pictures, suggest that it was cancelled by Google in favour of LG taking the reins.

    Motorola Mobility confirmed over Twitter, earlier today, that they would be releasing a smartwatch sometime this year.

    Source: Android Police

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