Game of Thrones season 8 image issues

Darkness Descends

by Andy Bassett Apr 30, 2019 at 11:10 AM

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    Game of Thrones season 8 image issues
    The most recent Games of Thrones episode, The Long Night (season 8, ep 3) proved a thrilling TV experience for most but was (un)sullied for some by the murky swirl of darkness that cloaked the main battle, which took place entirely at night.
    The staggering success of GoT over its preceding seven seasons has led to the scope of the production moving from a few choice locations (incl sunny Malta and Croatia) and impressive sets to a full-on, digitally enhanced, cinematic experience which has increasingly relied on CGI enhanced vistas and protagonists as the story demanded.

    Perhaps it was a case of ambition over execution or that Miguel Sapochnik (director), Fabian Wagner ( the cinematographer), both extremely experienced in GoT productions, forget that their content would be seen on a range of TVs with a wide variety of settings and not at a carefully calibrated cinema setup.

    As the story has unfolded and the stakes raised, storytelling devices such as darkness and extreme weather conditions have been increasingly used - after all Winter has finally come. So are these environmental settings proving too challenging for some viewers setups?

    It would appear so as there have been plenty of complaints about the image quality posted to social media and AVForums, with many blaming the low bit rate compression of the source from Sky.

    So, if the GoT experience is being spoiled by the murky representation of night, what are your options? New TV? Wait for the 4K box set?

    Why not check you are using the optimum picture mode and settings for your TV using the Picture Perfect guide and if problems persist you could see what other owners of your TV have found as solutions in the TV forums. Finally, while not technically correct to the standards, you could try raising your gamma (or brightness) slightly to see if that brings back some detail for you in the shadows. Just remember to put it back afterwards.

    How did the image appear on your setup? Did it affect your enjoyment of the episode?
    If you find help in the forums, please post and let everyone know.

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