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From the Forums: Beautiful Living Room Home Cinema Setup

by Mark Hodgkinson Jul 10, 2015 at 12:12 PM

  • It has to be said that some of the setups in our Home Cinema Showcase area of the forums are truly envy inducing and this effort from our member Kronuuz definitely falls into that category.
    After following many such threads, Kronnuz took some inspiration from some of our other members and set about creating his own dream setup and we’re sure you’ll agree it has all turned out rather well – almost sickeningly so.

    So let’s start with how it looked before Kronuuz set to work.

    To be fair, most people would be happy with a living room like this but after a long period of time of decisions and indecision, planning, questioning on forums, doing 3D sketches (Google SketchUp took years of life away from him), listening auditions, travelling to watch different kinds of equipment working, problems with deliveries and a whole bunch of other adventures, he was finally able to carry out some of the ideas he had for his living room!

    Of course, there’s always some hard yakka that goes on prior to things taking shape so relatively humdrum tasks such as cable management and bracket alignment have to be done but you don’t get anywhere without them. But, as is startlingly evident from the results, it was more than worth the time and effort taken.

    Here’s a view from the rear...

    For those interested, Kronuuz’s kit list comprises a Panasonic 55VT60 plasma TV; a Pioneer VSX-923 AVR; Monitor audio BX5, BX1 & BXC speakers; an SVS SB2000 subwoofer; a Mede8er 800X3D media streamer; a PS4; a Meo Box/Thompson Router and a Harmony One Remote to control the lot

    And now for the money shots...

    Is it always this tidy? There can't be any kids!

    And, just to make you all envious, Kronnuz lives in Portugal so he also has much better weather than us. Great work Sir and we’re sure he’d welcome your comments in the discussion thread!

    You can check out the full Forum thread here.

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