Fitbit for Kids launches

Fitbit Ace - designed to make children fitter

by hodg100 Mar 14, 2018 at 7:37 AM

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    Fitbit for Kids launches
    Fitbit has introduced the Fitbit Ace, an activity tracker that is designed to make fitness fun for kids.
    Intended for kids aged eight and older, Ace automatically tracks steps, active minutes and sleep, has up to 5 days of battery life, features an adjustable, showerproof wristband in two bright colours, and provides encouragement to be active. Plus, with the new Fitbit family account, parents can control who their kids connect with in the Fitbit app as a safeguard

    According to the World Health Organization, childhood obesity rates are on the rise, with two out of three kids inactive every day. Based on a new Fitbit study, most parents agree and believe their children are less active than when they were children and are often concerned about their child’s weight, the food they eat, and their activity levels, as well as the rising trend of childhood obesity.

    The majority of parents also want their children to be healthier (84% - we’re not sure what the other 16% want) and want their families to be more active (87%). Screen time is cited as the biggest challenge in getting kids to be active, and parents are looking for ways to encourage a more healthy, active lifestyle, including being more active as a family, cooking together, or encouraging their children to have a better understanding of their own activity levels. In fact, 75% of parents said they are interested in the use of fitness trackers to help them keep their kids active

    To address this challenge, Fitbit has designed Ace to encourage kids 8 and older to be more active and build healthy habits with their families:

    The app allows parents to set customisable daily step and active minute goals, reduce sedentary time by setting up personalised reminders that nudge them to get at least 250 steps each hour with a small buzz when they’ve been sitting on the couch or in front of a screen for too long. It can also reward them for moving with celebratory messages and collectible badges, which can be seen in the Fitbit app on their (or your) phone.

    Kids can also compete against family, or friends (coming soon), in daily and weekend challenges, or in a Family Faceoff – a new 5-day step challenge that allows members in a family account to compete against each other and stay motivated (coming soon).

    The challenge of inactivity with our children is not going away and is only estimated to get worse as they get older, dropping almost 40 minutes per year from ages 9 to 15” said Chris Watts, executive director of the National Fitness Foundation. “It is essential to provide parents with tools to help their kids be more active. Fitbit’s solution offers more than just a way to track activity – it helps instill healthy habits from an early age, making it fun and rewarding to move more and empowers parents to make health and fitness a family affair.”

    Fitbit Ace will be available in Q2 2018.

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