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Mass-Production of In-Cell Type Touch Displays begins

by hodg100 Jun 17, 2015 at 1:44 PM

  • Sharp Corporation has announced it has begun mass-production of in-cell type touch displays for smartphones as of June 2015.
    Most current displays for smartphones consist of an LCD, on which a touch sensor is attached. The in-cell type touch display, as the name would suggest, has the touch sensor function built into the LCD, itself, enabling thinner and lighter displays. Sharp also points out that this will also give more design freedom to smartphone manufacturers.

    The in-cell type touch displays are mass-produced at a Sharp plant in Japan and utilise LTPS(Low-temperature Poly Silicon) technology. The in-cell type touch display is realised by embedding the touch sensor circuitry and LCD drive circuitry into the LCD module.

    Sharp is also considering production at another plant. Giving them more flexibility in regards to screen size, resolution and bezel thinness.

    Sharp is also in the process of developing medium-size in-cell type touch displays for use in tablets and notebook PCs.

    Source: Sharp

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