EU Data Roaming Charges set to end June 2017

10 Year EU campaign looks to be heading for successful conclusion

by hodg100 Feb 1, 2017 at 11:32 PM

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    EU Data Roaming Charges set to end June 2017
    We think most will agree that the data roaming charges applied to your mobile bill, when using your phone abroad, seem very high but within the EU at least (and while we’re still in it) they should be coming to an end in June 2017.
    The European Union has secured a preliminary deal that will cap the wholesale charges telecom companies pay to one another when their customers use their phones abroad, paving the way for the abolition of roaming fees in June.

    The caps on the wholesale charges were the last remaining obstacle for the eradication of retail roaming charges, bringing a successful closure to Brussels’ efforts to let EU citizens use their mobiles in other countries without a hefty financial penalty.

    Wholesale charges for data, going forwards, will now be capped at 7.7 Euro/GB from June 2017, and will go down further still to 2.5 euros per gigabyte in 2022.

    The existing caps for making calls will also reduce from their current level of 5 cents per minute to 3.2 cents per minute, while texting will also be more economical and will halve to 1 cent from 2 cents as of June 2017, according to a spokesman for Malta, which currently holds the EU presidency.

    The EU executive will actively review the wholesale caps every two years and put forward new ones if deemed necessary. The deal still needs to be formally confirmed by the full European Parliament and member states but it’s not thought any will have objections.

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