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Epson announce LS10000 Laser Projector for UK

New projector due at the beginning of April for a list price of £5,999

by Steve Withers Feb 10, 2015 at 8:15 AM

  • It seems like an eternity since Epson announced their LS10000 laser projector at CEDIA last year but they are finally bringing their revolutionary new product to the UK.
    Epson announced the EH-LS10000 1080p Full HD Laser Projector for the UK market at ISE 2015 and speaking with Epson Product Manager Paul Wilson this morning, he confirmed that the projector will start shipping to UK stores on the 1st of April with a list price of £5,999; it will also include a three year warranty. Paul said that Epson were very excited to be launching such a ground-breaking product and leading the way into a new era of laser projection. He added that the LS10000 is the culmination of years of development, so whilst it might only have been announced this morning, it's been a long time coming.
    The LS1000 includes a lot of cutting-edge technology for its £5,999 price point.
    A price point of £5,999 puts the LS10000 directly between Sony's VPL-VW300 and VPL-VW500 native 4K Ultra HD projectors but the Epson has a lot of cutting-edge technology that makes it very interesting product despite technically being only Full HD. It uses two blue lasers as a light source, which means brightness, consistency and, most importantly, long life. It also uses Liquid Crystal on Quartz (LCoQ), so nice deep blacks like you find on JVC's Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) projectors. There's also "4K Enhancement Technology", again like the JVCs, so whilst it isn't native 4K it can accept a 4K signal and produce a higher resolution image than normal Full HD.

    Key Features:
    • New dual laser light source
    • 3LCD Reflective technology (0,74 R-HTPS devices)
    • Epson’s widest colour gamut (achieve a full sRGB colour gamut even in Dynamic mode. By using the cinema filter, it’s possible to achieve DCI and Adobe RGB colour gamuts)
    • Super resolution and Detail enhancement technology
    • 4K enhancement technology
    • Full HD 1080P and 3D capable
    • Bright 1,500lm picture with an equally high White and Colour Light Output for vivid colours
    • Absolute Black
    • Powered lens shift of +/-90% vertical and +/-40% horizontal & lens zoom of 2.1x
    • High-speed motion response for crisp images in fast-moving scenes
    • High aperture ratio for smooth texture and reduced screen door effect
    • Bright 3D mode thanks to its 480Hz drive frequency, with no cross talk thanks to the use of laser
    • All the image enhancement features of our existing range, including: ISF calibration, frame interpolation
    • Long laser light source life of 30,000 hours
    • ‘Instant on/off’ technology to power up and start projecting in 20 seconds
    • Lens position memory (up to 10 presets)
    • Low fan noise (19dB eco / 28dB standard)
    • Network function sends error reports to a pre-set email address
    • Discrete design with stylish lens shutter and hidden interface and control panel 2D to 3D conversion mode and 3D depth control
    • Three-year warranty on all parts

    We've been looking forward to this projector since it was first announced last year and can't wait to get one in for review.

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