Elipson Prestige Facet Speaker Range Launched

Prestige Facet 8B leads the charge

by hodg100 Nov 16, 2017 at 8:38 AM

  • Renowned for its range of spherical shaped ‘Planet’ loudspeakers, Elipson has introduced a more conventional range in the rectangular shape of the Prestige Facet Series.
    However, says Elipson, the Prestige Facet Series is far from conventional across the 14 model range, that features stand-mount and floor-standing speakers, centre-channel speakers, sub-woofers, bi-polar surrounds and Atmos specific speakers, all for both two and multi-channel applications. Ongoing research by Elipson’s audio engineers has created numerous technological innovations within the drive units and cabinet design/construction.

    The first product from this new range to hit the UK will be the Prestige Facet 8B. This stand-mount/bookshelf loudspeaker promotes many of the range's generic technological innovations including the most visible, the crown of carved facets surrounding each drive unit, from where the range takes its name. This multi-faceted carved silicone trim surrounding each speaker is designed to reduce diffraction and create a more linear and softer response curve.

    Within its mid-sized cabinet dimensions, this bass-reflex, rear ported design houses a 170mm mid/bass drive unit with central aluminium dust cap to aid the elimination of turbulence and distortion. A 25mm soft dome tweeter takes care of the high frequencies while the cabinet enclosure boasts a front baffle produced from two inert materials, stiffened by internal cross-sectional ribs. An optional base plinth offers additional stability and sound isolation for improved audio performance, when placed on small speaker stands or bookshelves.

    The crossover offers steep slope filtering using components connected to a bespoke design, circular, dual-terminal block with silver-plated, bi-wireable terminal post connectors. A sensitivity of 91dB and an impedance rating of around 6 ohms should make this an easy speaker to drive

    The Prestige Facet 8B is available in black, walnut and white vinyl cabinet finishes with black or white matching high gloss lacquered front baffles, at a UK SRP of £549 per pair.

    Elipson’s new Prestige Facet Series is available from selected UK dealers with prices ranging from £229 for the Facet 11 C Centre speaker up to £1,590 for a pair of Facet 24 F floor-standers.

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