Elipson launches Facet 34F flagship speaker

Is this Facet an asset for your system?

by Andy Bassett Apr 23, 2019 at 2:45 PM

  • The Prestige Facet speaker range was introduced to the UK a few years ago - AVForums recently reviewed the Facet 6B BT bookshelf speaker and the 7.2.4 home cinema package - now their latest 3-way floorstander, the 34F, has been unveiled and it features innovations borne out of a combined 80 years of audio expertise from its designers.
    A single glance is usually enough to inform you that you’re looking at an Elipson Facet product. The distinctive circlet of carved facets that surround each driver and gives the speaker range its name, has a practical function as well as an aesthetic one.

    The silicone trim with its diamond-like cuts is designed to reduce the baffle effect and limit diffractions, resulting in a smoother listening experience.

    Contained within the 1.3m tall cabinet is a 25mm tweeter assembly and matched pairs of mid-range and bass drivers. The tweeter assembly consists of a silk dome with a large magnet to provide sensitivity. The facet ring that surrounds this fabrication and the accompanying aluminium faceplate offer mechanical resistance to the micro-vibrations which can occur at high-pressure levels.

    Both the mid-range and bass only drivers are the result of a manufacturing process that involves coated paper cones and low-loss rubber surrounds. The twin 170mm mid-range drivers ensure improved natural crossover with the high frequencies by using aluminium phase plugs, while the dual 250mm bass drivers match the cone profile for low frequencies by using a concave dust cap.

    The cabinet that houses these five drivers uses a bass-reflex, twin rear ported design. Vertical standing waves behind the bass driver are reduced by the internal cross-bracing plus the use of inert materials of differing thicknesses that make up the front baffle. Damping is optimised by the use of different fabrics and an optional plinth offers extra stability and sound isolation on wooden floors and carpets.

    The crossover enables steep slope filtering using audiophile quality components, and low internal resistance inductors (DCR) offer efficient power transfer. The crossover assembly is connected to a dual-terminal block with silver-plated, bi-wireable terminal post connectors.

    The Facet 34F speakers are easy to drive with any amplifier, feature a power rating of 300 Watts and are suitable for listening to music or for use with a home cinema setup.

    3-way Bass-reflex speaker
    Power: 300W RMS
    Mid-bass driver: 2 x 170 mm
    Bass only driver: 2 x 250mm
    Tweeter: 25 mm
    Frequency response (± 3dB): 25 Hz - 25 kHz
    Sensitivity: 94 dB/1W/1m
    Impedance: 6 Ohms
    Silver-plated terminals for bi-wiring or bi-amp
    Removable base
    Bespoke double binding post panel
    Finish: lacquered front panel, MDF cabinet with vinyl veneer
    Colours: black, white, walnut
    Dimensions (without base): W295 x H1190 x D360 mm
    Dimensions (with base): W355 x H1211 x D420 mm
    Weight: 42 kg

    The Prestige Facet 34F is available in black, walnut and white vinyl finishes at a UK SRP of £2,495 per pair.

    Source: Elipson press release
    Image Source: Elipson

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