EE giving away free portable chargers to all

Customers can also swap Power Bar in any store when its dead

by hodg100 Apr 2, 2015 at 8:59 AM

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    EE giving away free portable chargers to all
    EE is incentivsing customers, both new and old, with something they’re genuinely likely to want.
    Specifically, they will be giving away a free portable smartphone charger with unlimited swaps in store – available to all active customers on mobile and broadband plans, over the coming weeks. The scheme is designed to ensure that EE customers stay charged at all times (so they can chew up more data?) with ‘never ending power’.

    From launch, EE customers will be able to pick up a free Power Bar in any EE store by requesting a unique code via text. Once the EE Power Bar has been used to charge a device, customers can recharge the portable battery themselves or, if out and about, they can swap it for a fully-charged replacement bar at any EE store nationwide – for free and as many times as you like.

    It has been just over two years since EE introduced 4G to the UK and network usage has grown exponentially in this short period. Video streaming and social media engagement now accounts for over 50 per cent of all data use on EE’s network as customers access more content on the move. However, this increased activity comes at a cost to battery life and recent research shows that there is a genuine consumer need for more power – nearly 60 per cent of UK smartphone users claim their battery doesn’t last a full day.

    Over half of all smartphone users wish there were more ways to charge their phone in public places - this rises to over 70 per cent of 18-24 year olds

    Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer EE, said: “Almost everyone’s experienced the frustration associated with running out of battery and it always seems to happen when you need your phone the most. With EE Power, we’re trying to help by giving our customers a Power Bar that can simply be swapped for a fully charged one at any of our stores, at any time, for free.”

    All eligible customers can get their free EE Power Bar when the promotion launches in the coming weeks by texting ‘POWER’ to 365 to receive a promotional code. Texts cost 35p – not quite free then - and customers can collect their free EE Power Bar by redeeming this code at any EE store across the UK. Each Power Bar typically gives one full smartphone charge per use.

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