EAT announce Prelude turntable and E-Glo Petit phono stage

EAT to the Petit beat.

by Andy Bassett Feb 11, 2019 at 12:37 PM

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     EAT announce Prelude turntable and E-Glo Petit phono stage
    Links with Pro-Ject mean that EAT have an interesting heritage and drawing upon that relationship could create some interesting products.
    Announced together but not necessarily coming as a package, the Prelude turntable and E-Glo phono stage join EAT’s existing stable of products.
    Known for its high end turntables, the Prelude is EAT’s first turntable below £1000, with a simple and effective design which draws on elements of the company’s more costly decks. The Prelude has six layers of piano lacquer and a low-profile design incorporating a heavyweight aluminium platter and a purpose-made carbon-fibre tonearm. It comes ready-to-play with a factory-set Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge.

    The E-Glo Petit is the latest – and smallest – of three EAT E-Glo valve-based phono preamplifiers designed for use with any high-quality turntable. The aluminium and wood casing and tactile switches and dials give a distinctive appearance and it features two 12AX7 valves which protrude from the top plate, protected by aluminium discs.
    EAT is known for true high-end turntables that reduce vibration, resonance and colouration of the sound. Now EAT offers for the first time a deck which is genuinely affordable but able to provide neutral sound.

    EAT’s design ethos is centred around the belief that only a heavy-weight platter can give you the correct speed and precision. To achieve this, the Prelude uses the same low tolerance stainless steel bearing in a soft bronze bushing that is used in their high-end designs.

    The plinth is made out of dense MDF and protected by piano lacquer. It uses a free-standing motor with no connection to the board to ensure no motor vibrations are passed on - the iconic green motor and belt are an option if you want something other than black.

    Since it is expected that most customers will use an MM (moving-magnet) cartridge (and indeed the Prelude is supplied with a pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge) the tonearm is lightweight, ultra-stiff and cast from a single piece of resonance-free carbon tube which creates more ideal resonant frequencies with an MM cartridge.

    The mass bearing block behaves like an energy sink for all resonances from the cartridge, as well as the low frequencies from the deck, and a counterweight implements an anti-resonator damper to reduce the amplitude of the natural tonearm/cartridge resonance.

    Moving onto the E-Glo Petit tube pre-amplifier, this is the smaller sibling of the award winning E-Glo S and comes in an ultra slim, aluminium case with wooden side panels and a tactile interface.

    The Petit features MM & MC capability and precise RIAA equalisation in a hybrid design that uses 12AX7 tubes.

    The specially designed power supply enables the tubes to stay "hot" at all times. This ensures that they perform at their maximum during the entire listening session. Through the use of special low noise transistors, E-Glo Petit reaches a Signal to Noise Ratio of 87 decibels. No other tube phono pre-amplifier on the market currently matches these figures.

    EAT products are distributed in the UK via Absolute Sounds and the EAT E-Glo Petit phono stage is currently available, priced £1249.
    The EAT Prelude turntable will be available from March, priced £999.

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