Dyson 360 Eye Robotic Vacuum launched in UK

If only it would do the tidying as well

by Mark Hodgkinson Jul 1, 2016 at 8:41 AM

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    Dyson 360 Eye Robotic Vacuum launched in UK
    If, like me, you’re the nominated vacuuming person of the household, Dyson’s UK launch of the 360 Eye might just be what you’ve been waiting for.
    The Dyson 360 Eye robot has the most powerful suction of any robot vacuum and is powered by the Dyson Digital Motor. It uses an intelligent vision system to create a map of its surroundings to assess where it is, where it has cleaned and where it has yet to clean and then just goes about it task, without moaning about it.

    Priced at £799, it’s hardly cheap and it won’t do the tidying before beginning the vacuuming process but it could pay off over time.

    There’s even an app, called Dyson Link, for both iOS and Android that utilises machine-to-machine communication to enable people to start, pause or schedule cleaning sessions from anywhere. It also provides a cleaning path map as real-time feedback, along with ‘intelligent user support,’ whatever that means.

    No doubt we’ll see more of these robotic vacuum cleaners released as time goes by and likely they’ll come in a bit cheaper than Dyson but we still very much like the looks of the 360 Eye!

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