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DTG cautions Currys-PC World against overselling 4K TVs

Advertising Standards question Christmas Ad campaign

by Mark Hodgkinson Mar 5, 2015 at 11:37 AM

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    DTG cautions Currys-PC World against overselling 4K TVs
    The DTG (Digital TV Group) has highlighted the risks of over-promising on the 4k experience after the Advertising Standards Authority told DSG (Dixons Store Group) Retail not to re-run a Christmas ad implying that 4k TVs would show greater detail without supporting evidence.
    The ad was run under DSG’s Currys-PC World banner and made a claim that a UHD LG TV had 'automatic upscaling' which would ensure images would be clearer and sharper than regular 1080p HD.

    The ASA says that the ad failed to give supporting evidence of how effective the scaling would be, although it did concede the possibility existed that it could indeed be better than Full HD.

    An ASA statement said : 'We also considered viewers would understand that the improved quality was achieved because the televisions were '4K Ultra HD', that this particular technology was therefore used to achieve the image quality and that the image quality achieved was subsequently of full and genuine 4K quality.

    'Because there was such limited native 4K content available in the UK, we understood that any improvement in quality in films or programmes watched over the Christmas period was unlikely to be achieved by the use of 4K technology specifically.'

    DTG CEO Richard Lindsay-Davies said: "Ultra HD represents an enormous opportunity for the TV industry to take the viewing experience to a level even greater than the leap from standard-def to HD, but exaggerating the offering at an early stage could damage consumer confidence before the true benefits come to fruition.

    "The DTG's UHD Forum is working with broadcasters and TV manufacturers to establish next-generation TV standards for 4k and beyond, collaborating with international bodies, and we are providing advice to retailers to ensure that they can provide consumers with accurate information, satisfying the early adopters who will be the bedrock of future market growth."

    As the UK's digital entertainment technology collaboration centre, the DTG is currently conducting briefings for the retail industry on the current state of the broadcast entertainment market and future developments. These include not only Ultra HD but also over-the-top and streaming content, smart TV, Freeview Play and VR.

    So, what do you guys think: are retailers over-promoting 4K and, if they are, is it harmful to its future as a format? We think, yes to the first one and probably not to the second but please share your thoughts below…

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