DS Audio launches new HS-001 solid headshell

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by Andy Bassett Mar 7, 2019 at 10:14 AM

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    DS Audio launches new HS-001 solid headshell
    Although pushing their credentials as a company concentrating on pioneering optical phono cartridges, Japanese company DS Audio is also releasing more conventional audio products too. Their latest is the HS-001 solid headshell.
    A headshell is a component designed to be attached to a turntable’s tonearm and onto which a wide range of standard cartridges can be mounted - usually with 2.5mm bolts. Typically, the headpiece is the part that has the hook which is used to lift and place the needle onto the record.

    The HS-001 can provide a fitting for any and all cartridges, not just DS Audio’s own high-performance optical models and it has been designed with two important improvements where the headshell contacts the tonearm.

    Firstly, the conventional approach is to have a single, vertical locating pin on the upper side of the connector. This single location results in uneven contact pressure between the arm and the headshell. However, the HS-001 equalizes the pressure on the electrical contacts by the addition of a lower vertical pin. This dual pin approach structure ensures an even application of force across the connection to the tonearm.
    Secondly, the whole contact surface is then further anchored by acustom-developed domed headshell washer. Applied at the point of contact with the tonearm, the washer provides even greater stability and resonance control.

    Construction wise, the HS-001’s body is machined from a solid billet of an ultra-light yet ultra-rigid aluminium alloy, called duralumin, that helps deliver improved resonance control.

    The signal leads are carefully hand soldered to maintain signal integrity and are made of Japanese produced Litz wire which was selected after stringent listening tests. Litz wire is a specialised, braided, multistrand wire used to carry alternating currents and, generally speaking, constructions composed of many strands of finer wires are better for higher frequency applications. DS Audio also provide the signal lead wires and connector parts unsoldered if you wish to undertake this operation yourself.

    Body material: Duralumin
    Connector material: Aluminium
    Connector terminal: Gold plating
    Shell lead wire: Litz wire 4N φ 0.08 x 10 x 3 yore rings
    Screw: Stainless steel bolt
    Body dimensions (approx.): 21 (h) x 40 (w) x 55 (d) mm (excluding connector & finger lift)
    Weight (approx.): 10.5g (excluding signal leads)

    The DS Audio HS-001 solid headshell is available now, priced at £400 (inc. VAT).

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