Disney to close doors on Vault when Disney+ opens

From closed Vault to open streaming service - Disney classics are released on parole.

by Andy Bassett Mar 12, 2019 at 8:15 AM

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    Disney to close doors on Vault when Disney+ opens
    In the era of home entertainment, Disney implemented an approach to disseminating its much-loved movies in a way that ensured high demand and limited availability - after their brief time in the sun, the much-coveted films were returned to... The Vault!
    Sounding like a high concept action thriller, Disney’s Vault was a canny business move to keep consumers on their toes when it came to purchasing copies of their (or the kids - pester power!) favourite Disney classics. Playing on most folks innate ‘fear of missing out’ response, you had to get it while you could or be left out in the cold for a number of years before the chance came again.

    Whether you felt it was genius marketing or a cynical corporate cash grab, the news is that the Vault will be closed down for good once Disney+ is up and running.

    Disney CEO, Bob Iger, recently revealed to shareholders that Disney+, the company’s upcoming streaming service, will carry the entertainment giant’s entire library of films and, thus, the Vault would close. Expect it to happen "at some point fairly soon after launch”, he said.

    Current trends for streaming and the associated decline in physical media sales indicate that restricting access to content simply drives consumers to other, more immediately available material, so the Vault programme was already becoming less relevant.

    The new streaming service is slated for a launch later in 2019 - an investor’s meeting in April may yield more details - and Disney is busy strip mining all their valuable resources away from competitors and also putting together a launch slate of original material that will include live-action series from Star Wars, Marvel, High School Musical and Monsters, Inc.

    Adding all of Disney’s classic films to this already tempting roster of content on the streaming service will be an attractive proposition and could help secure Disney extra subscribers keen to sign up when the service is rolled out in the knowledge that this previously hard to obtain material is now just a subscription click away.

    Source: Various online sources.

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