Disney+ Streaming Service: First Details Announced.

Trouble ahead for Netflix and Amazon?

by AVForums Nov 11, 2018 at 7:47 AM

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    Disney+ Streaming Service: First Details Announced.

    The House of Mouse comes out swinging with details of its Disney+ streaming service.

    Disney's new streaming service will be called Disney+ and is set to go live later in 2019. A slew of new content based around fan favourite Star Wars and Marvel titles was also hinted at including a Rogue One series and shows based around Marvel's Scarlet Witch and Loki.

    Disney CEO, Bob Iger, took the opportunity at a recent company earning's call to provide the first details about the planned service which was then followed up by further information on Twitter.

    Disney has been carefully putting its plans into place for a while now with announcements about withdrawing content from rival services such as Netflix and well publicised corporate buyouts sowing the seeds for a significant new player in the streaming market. This carefully considered 'long game' approach clearly indicates the seriousness with which Disney are approaching this strategy.

    In an effort to catch the eye of consumers already signed up to rival services, Disney has made sure that its early announcement will create plenty of interest with its planned content. So, there's a Rogue One series featuring the charismatic but icy Cassian Andor, to be reprised by Diego Luna, and in a move sure to get Marvel fans keen to jump ship, a Loki series which will bring back Tom Hiddlestone, who clearly is not done with the character just yet.

    Also mentioned are a rebooted 'High School Musical' franchise, animated content based on Pixar's Monsters Inc and movies such as 'Noel' starring Anna Kendrick as Santa's daughter. While this is all family friendly fare, edgier content will be reserved for Hulu, which Disney now has a significant stake in after its purchase of 21st Century Fox.

    Iger has stated the company's intention to price the service below competitors, so have Disney pulled off a fait-accompli here with so much popular material at their fingertips? Faced with a choice of no Marvel, Star Wars or Pixar on Netflix, Amazon, Apple etc will consumers have any choice but to kneel before Uncle Walt?

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