Devialet Phantom Reactor Speakers Announced

The big egg boombox is now a small egg boombox

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 9, 2018 at 3:06 PM

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    Devialet Phantom Reactor Speakers Announced
    Devialet is a Paris based audio company best known for its Phantom speaker line, which mixes Sci-Fi looks with show stopping, side-firing bass reflex ports. The problem is that the speakers have always been super large, heavy and expensive.
    However, the company is looking to make it a little easier to afford one of their Phantoms with a new line of of speakers. The two new speakers are named the Phantom Reactor 600 and Phantom Reactor 900. The 600 offers 600W power output and the 900 offers 900W. The 900 offers almost the same power as one of the full sized Phantom speakers but in a package one quarter the size.

    Both of the new devices support the normal Bluetooth, AirPlay, UPnP. They also both support Spotify Connect and Chromecast Audio, set to be included next year.

    Smaller speaker but still big sound:

    The speakers are 219mm (L) x 157 mm (W) x 168 mm (H) in size. Yet they still offer up to 900W of power output, that's truly impressive. The company claims that's comparable to a symphony orchestra in your living room. The speakers can hit 18Hz infra-bass. There are many subwoofers that can't hit that. The speakers still have the dramatic bass-reflex ports on each side that pump air in time with the beat.

    The company claims that the Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) amp delivers the quality of an analogue amp in a digital-sized package, while the company's Speaker Active Matching audio system retains detail even at the Phantom Reactor 900's 98db max volume.

    Whilst these specs are impressive, remember that the top-of-the-range Gold Phantom has mind blowing 4,500W of power.

    Phantom Reactor price and availability

    The Phantom Reactor line can be pre-ordered on October 10th, 2018 and will be in shops on October 24th. Prices start at £990 for the Phantom Reactor 600 with the Phantom Reactor 900 costing £1,290.

    The speaker will be available in; Selfridges,, Amazon UK, Harrods and Mr Porter.

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