Denon announces travel friendly AH-GC30, AH-GC25NC and AH-GC25W headphones

The commute just got more pleasant

by Andy Bassett Mar 8, 2019 at 12:27 PM

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    Denon announces travel friendly AH-GC30, AH-GC25NC and AH-GC25W headphones
    As the market for travel friendly headphones heats up, Denon has announced three new models, which mix and match wired, wireless and noise cancelling features.
    Denon’s Global Cruiser line of commuter friendly headphones now include the AH-GC25W, the AH-GC25NC, and the AH-GC30, which are all aimed at the audiophile traveller for whom sound quality, comfort and battery life are of prime importance.

    Denon are offering noise cancelling in either wired (AH-GC25NC) or wireless (AH-GC30) options and at the entry level end of the spectrum, the AH-GC25W offers wireless freedom but drops the noise cancelling feature.

    As the high end representative of the three models, AH-GC30, features 40mm FreeEdge performance-tuned drivers that are Hi-Res certified and which are normally only found in the company’s flagship headphones. Key to the technology are the floating diaphragms that cut down on resonance and help deliver precise pistonic motion.
    The active noise cancelling technology used is Denon’s own proprietary system and utilises two microphones on each earcup plus a choice of three levels of isolation suited to your current environment - 'City', 'Office' and 'Flight.' The names of these settings gives a clear idea of who Denon feel is the target market here and the company is positioning their products in the same segment as competitors such as Sony’s WH-1000XM3. When you need to re-enage with the real world, a simple tap on the earcup activates a feature called Ambient Monitor that allows ambient sounds back in when required.

    The two wireless models, the top end AH-GC30 and the non-noice cancelling AH-GC25W, both feature aptX HD Bluetooth technology for the best possible wireless audio performance, though an option to listen using a USB connection is also available - useful to preserve battery life.
    Speaking of battery life, it is, of course, a consideration in all three models since both the wireless and noise cancelling capabilities are a drain on power. Denon claims 20 hours on the AH-GC30 and AH-GC25NC when using both the ANC and Bluetooth or 25 hours when using only ANC - which should cover even the longest flights before a charge is required. The wired only AH-GC25W adds at least another 10 hours given the absence of Bluetooth.

    As these headphones are targeting the mobile professional, ease and quality of taking and making calls is a consideration and they all use Clear Voice Capture (cVc), which is Denon's algorithm that suppresses noise and adapts equalization to provide the clearest vocal quality.

    From a design perspective, all three sets of headphones feature streamlined looks, with large rounded headphone brackets to hold the earcups, and what looks to be a soft leather-wrapped headband and plush earcups.

    The AH-GC25W, AH-GC25NC, and AH-GC30 models will be available in the US May, April and March 2019 at a of $249, $299, and $399 and respectively.
    UK and European release dates and prices have yet to be confirmed.

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