China showcases 8K TV over 5G networks

China wows with combo of latest tech

by Andy Bassett Jun 27, 2019 at 10:51 AM

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    China showcases 8K TV over 5G networks
    At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shangai, Asia’s leading event for next-generation technology, delegates witnessed China’s first successful transmission of an 8K ultra high definition broadcast over 5G.
    Whilst not the world’s first example of the two new technologies being used together - France Télévisions and Nokia claimed that particular achievement when they trialled live 8K video during last month’s French Open tennis tournament at Roland Garros - MCW Shanghai spectators were still impressed by the quality and low latency of this latest transmission.

    The joint venture between the China Media Group (CMG) and several partners including, China Mobile, Huawei Technologies Co and the China Ultra-high-definition Industry Alliance saw 8K UHD signals transmitted from the Beijing offices of the CMG and received on an 8K monitor at the CMG showcase booth at the MWC Shanghai venue - a distance of over 1,200 km (745 miles).

    The real-time transmission ran at 320Mb per second which allowed the full 8K signal to be transferred and was well within 5G’s expected download speed of several Gigabits per second.

    Jiang Wenbo, a senior executive of CMG, said that the successful test proved that 5G networks, with their low-latency, high-bandwidth and high-reliability communications offer excellent technological support to the extensive application of UHD TV.

    China is clearly backing 5G as a major tool for technological change and has issued 5G licenses to its State-owned China Broadcasting Network Corp as well as the nation’s three major telecom carriers — China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.

    Huawei announced back in May its plans to release a 5G powered 8K TV as its first ever television set and with the 5G licenses now in place, 8K TV could well be finding itself welcomed with open arms in China before the rest of the world has fully caught up with 4K.

    How does this combination of two new technologies sound to AVForums members? Exciting and visionary or too much, too soon (and too expensive!)? Let us know in the discussion thread.

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