CES 2019: Sony unveils LXPS-S2 Glass Sound Speaker

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by Andy Bassett Jan 8, 2019 at 5:25 PM

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    CES 2019: Sony unveils LXPS-S2 Glass Sound Speaker
    Sony has used CES 2019 to launch the LXPS-S2 Glass Sound Speaker. This eye-catching model doesn't really look like a speaker because Sony has merged audio function with design aesthetic to come up with something very different.
    Technology is designed to make our lives easier and more pleasant but sometimes it's just a bit too obtrusive or doesn't really fit in the home environment as we'd wish.... a box here, a wire there, always drawing the eye. In an attempt to address that and have the form be more fitting whilst retaining the function, Sony have come up with a speaker that looks more like an old time oil lamp!

    All design is a matter of taste but as it stands the look is eye-catching and relatively pleasing and it shouldn't look out of place in most home environments. There's an illumination mode which looks like a nice touch for creating mood while your're listening to your music and the amount of 'flicker' can be switched between bright or delicate. However, if the thought of merging a portable speaker into something resembling a candlestick isn't your thing then perhaps other styles might be available further down the road.

    Of course, for most people reading this, the important thing is how it sounds. Here, Sony has employed its Advanced Vertical Drive technology to spread the sound. There are three actuators which vibrate the organic glass tube and turn the entire surface into a speaker.

    The sound spreads out in 360 degrees to deliver audio from every angle. The organic glass tube tweeter is a 35mm speaker unit and has a wider surface (compared to conventional speakers) in order to create sound with minimal loss of volume. Additionally, the speaker is Hi-Res Audio compatible.

    The speaker has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and, combined with an 8 hour battery life, it becomes competely untethered around the home. The incorporated Bluetooth uses One-Touch NFC and LDAC technology and access to music is made easier by the addition of Spotify Connect. Even easier is the 'Push and Play' button which starts off your music where you last stopped it.

    You can also use two LSPX-S2s to create a stereo pair or even move on to Wireless Multi-room to connect with up to 10 other compatible Sony audio devices over Wi-Fi - all controlled via the Sony Music Centre app.

    This particular design might not for everyone but it's certainly more eye-catching than a black shoe box sitting around your home.

    The LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker is available from May 2019 with an SRP of £550.

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