CES 2019: Sony announces PS-LX310BT wireless turntable

Vinyl without wires - whatever next?

by Andy Bassett Jan 8, 2019 at 2:47 PM

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    CES 2019: Sony announces PS-LX310BT wireless turntable
    Sony has used CES 2019 to announce its PS-LX310BT turntable, which is designed to enable listeners to play their vinyl on any wireless Bluetooth speaker, soundbar or headphones.

    Vinyl is about as trad as you can get in audio circles but that doesn't mean that turntable fans are reluctant to embrace new concepts. Sony has recognised this and married the old with the new and released the PS-LX310BT turntable. This new model fuses the much-loved vinyl sound quality with the convenience and flexibility of connecting to a wired or wireless device.

    It's simple enough really, the LX310BT adds a a Bluetooth transmitter to the turntable package allowing connection to any wireless speaker, soundbar or headphones using the usual pairing process via the dedicated Bluetooth button.

    Thanks to the full auto-play function, music is instantly played from your last paired device when you press play and once you've reached the end of your record, the auto-stop kicks in. This ensures a simple user experience so that anyone can enjoy vinyl. Additionally, for those traditionalists who prefer a wired connection, the turntable also has an audio cable.

    The LX310BT allows for different gain selects: Low (-4dB) / Mid (0dB) / High (+6dB). This ensures wide compatibility of vinyl when using different playback systems and Bluetooth connections for volume adjustment. There is also a built-in phono pre-amp, which can be selected for use with amplifiers offering only line level connection. However, there is no USB connecter.

    Featuring a belt drive mechanism (with speeds of 33 and 45rpm) and an aluminium die-cast platter, the LX310BT is robust yet lightweight. The platter stays stable as it rotates for clearer playback of your music and there's also a thick and sturdy dust cover to further resist resonance.

    The LX310BT is 430 x 108 x 367mm and weighs in at 3.5kg and, whilst sticking with tradition for the most part, adds the convenience of Bluetooth and intuitive operation which might be enough to entice back listeners who have long since left the vinyl fold. It could even attract those who have only ever known a wireless world and wouldn't know where to stick either end of a cable!

    The PS-LX310BT model will be available from April 2019 with an SRP of £200.

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