CES 2019 News: Sharp embraces 8K, AIoT, and Google

As big screen 8K pioneers, maybe Sharp's time has come?

by Steve Withers Jan 8, 2019 at 1:38 PM

  • Sharp, who is attending CES for the first time in four years, is using the 2019 show to announce a new partnership with Google and to demonstrate its 8K ecosystem.
    Sharp's partnership with Google is for Europe only, and will see a wide range of the company's 2019 Smart TV lineup equipped with the Android TV smart platform. Android TV will be included on models ranging from entry level to high-end TVs within all price categories.

    In addition, there will be further collaborations with leading specialists in the fields of design (Pininfarina) and sound (Harman Kardon), an initiative that will continue to re-position and re-establish Sharp within the European TV marketplace.

    Sharp's stated ambition is to “Change the World with 8K and AIoT”, but what does that actually mean? At CES 2019 Sharp will equip its booth with areas dedicated to 8K and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things) in order to show attendees exactly what it has to offer.

    Visitors will experience first-hand an “8K Ecosystem” built upon 8K equipment, devices, and solutions, and “AIoT Solutions” driven by AIoT home appliances, robotics, sensors and other devices.

    Sharp’s has been a pioneer of both large screen displays and 8K for years, but the incorporation of its 8K technology into an “8K Ecosystem “ and “AIoT Solutions”, has so far focused on the Japanese market. Sharp is now expanding and accelerating this development on a global scale.

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