CES 2019 News: Samsung demos AI Upscaling, AI Smart and AI Sound

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by Steve Withers Jan 7, 2019 at 3:00 AM

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    CES 2019 News: Samsung demos AI Upscaling, AI Smart and AI Sound
    At Samsung's First Look event at CES 2019 the company demonstrated its new upscaling, smart and sound features, all of which benefit from the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.
    AI is everywhere at this year's CES but the integration of intelligent processing into TV technology began in 2018.

    AI Upscaling: Samsung's Q900 8K TV, which was released towards the end of last year, uses AI Upscaling and benefits from an image data bank to utilise the additional pixels and apply the best possible processing.

    Samsung has built a comprehensive formula bank that constantly analyses images and uses machine learning to incrementally improve the image processing. This updated database is periodically downloaded to the Q900, allowing the upscaling to deliver the best possible images.

    In addition to upscaling the image, the processing also applies texture creation, noise reduction, and edge restoration, to take full advantage of the Q900's 8K panel.

    However AI isn’t just being used to improve the quality of the upscaling on Samsung TVs. The manufacturer is also applying the same machine learning techniques to other aspects of the performance of its 2019 TVs.

    AI Smart: Samsung's smart platform will benefit from artificial intelligence, with TV Plus bringing all of your content, including on-demand content, into the TV interface. There will be multiple ways for users to access content, such as the smart platform, the electronic programme guide (EPG), the channel list, or through changing sources.

    This universal TV guide will offer the widest possible selection of content providers, with Samsung constantly expanding its list of partners and at least 50 are expected in 2019.

    However, there is so much content available to the modern viewer, that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and miss your favourite shows. The AI built into Samsung’s smart platform monitors viewing habits, enabling the TV to discover new content and make recommendations, allowing users to watch more of the programmes they enjoy.

    Samsung’s smart platform AI enhancements allow for voice interaction with a personal assistant in the form of Bixby 2.0. Users can interact with Bixby, which now uses context awareness to automatically adjust its answers based on specific questions. Bixby is also able to integrate with your intelligent home, allowing it to control your Samsung devices, other Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and life-on-demand services.

    AI Sound: Samsung is also using AI to improve the sound quality of its 2019 TVs. AI Sound uses spatial awareness technology to analyse and adapt the audio to create the best experience based on the settings and location of the TV. It also applies scenic intelligence technology to analyse each scene (news, sports, game etc.) in real time and adjust the audio accordingly.

    Samsung had previously used metadata to apply sonic processing in its TVs, but the addition of AI technology gives its 2019 models the ability to enhance and optimise audio based on analysing sounds in real time. The result is a better experience for users, with sound that is optimised for the TV, the settings, the room, and the content.

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