CES 2018 News: CES Show affected by power outages

Smart technology isn't so smart when there's no juice

by Ed Selley Jan 10, 2018 at 8:26 PM

  • The South and Central halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre are currently without power meaning that hundreds of exhibitors are unable to use or access their stands.
    Power was lost shortly after 11am PST with both halls losing both lighting and mains feeds. These spaces feature some of the largest companies at the show including Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and almost every other 'house brand.' Like most exhibition spaces, the LVCC doesn't make any real use of natural light so many of the stands- particularly covered ones like Panasonic quickly became very dark indeed. Thousands of visitors were inside the halls at the time of the outage and the exits quickly filled up with both visitors and exhibitors. The exact cause of the issue has not yet been established (publicly at least).

    What is confusing is that visual confirmation as well as numerous posts on social media suggest that some booths- Intel being an often reported example- have retained power while all the stands around them have lost it. The hard wired areas of the convention centre in the concourses are also unaffected. The spaces have been evacuated and it is not currently possible to gain access to the South or Central halls. The North Hall however is still open and completely unaffected. Given the importance of the show to a number of exhibitors and the demanding schedule that some visitors need to adhere to in order to get everything done, this going to be far from welcome but at the very least, after two days of torrential rain, the sun is out.

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