CES 2014: Arcam FMJ A49 Stereo Amplifier Previewed

200 watts per channel means it's a serious performer

by hodg100 Jan 13, 2014 at 11:49 AM

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    CES 2014: Arcam FMJ A49 Stereo Amplifier Previewed
    Arcam of Cambridge, used CES 2014 to unveil the new FMJ A49, a stereo integrated amplifier, hand-crafted at the company facility in Rochester New York.
    The new amp, the most powerful stereo amplifier Arcam have ever produced, advanced power amplifier circuit design, featuring Class G power amplifiers with 50 Watts of Class A power and plenty of Class G power in reserve.
    200w per channel into 8 ohms = tasty!
    Arcam FMJ A49

    Built on a large, robust chassis the A49 is a fully balanced design, offering the lowest distortion ever claimed by Arcam for one of its amplifiers.

    The A49 has a huge sounding power reservoir, that’s claimed to be capable of delivering a constant 200w per channel into 8 ohms rising to 400wpc into 4ohms.

    The FMJ A49 will be officially launched at The Bristol Show, here in the UK, on February 21st 2014 at a price of £3250 and there will be matching pre and power-amps to follow.

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