Cambridge Audio launch Yoyo Bluetooth Speaker Range

Not for the cloth-eared

by hodg100 Sep 30, 2016 at 1:33 PM

  • Cambridge Audio has announced a new series of Bluetooth speakers that they feel injects some missing style in to the market, that they’re calling the Yoyo range.
    At least styling was the initial brief for the London based company but Cambridge has also strived to create speakers that deliver a neutral, uncoloured and ultra-realistic musical performance too – something they call the British Sound. The three-model Yoyo range starts and £150 and goes up to £350, in price, and encompasses the Yoyo (L), Yoyo (M) and Yoyo (S) speakers.

    The British theme also extends to Yoyo’s design with each model featuring bespoke, ‘sound-transparent’ British fabrics, specially created in an exclusive partnership with British weavers, Marton Mills.

    All of the Yoyo products feature high performance, low distortion amplifiers and DSP, high quality drive units and rigid and inert enclosures, says Cambridge, that provide that neutral sound

    Cambridge has also applied the same attention to detail to the aesthetic design and quality of finish for the Yoyo products. An attractive, birds eye pattern was selected in a range of neutral colours including: Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue and Green. A unique process thins the British made fabric in order for it to become ‘acoustically-transparent’, avoiding any barrier to the final sound delivery.

    Efforts have also been made to ensure Yoyo will continue to look great. Marton Mills’ manufacturing process included the application of a NanoSphere treatment, to ensure the cloth was both water and dirt repellent, while Kier Decatising subjects the stretched fabric to intense heat to guarantee that it will never shrink or distort.

    The Yoyo (S) features two full range drivers, a subwoofer and a passive bass radiator, all within its compact 246 x 128 x 67.5mm (wxhxd) form. The Yoyo (S) has been designed for use as a single high quality speaker, especially where the priority is for space or easy portability. It features Bluetooth, an aux input and USB charging on the go, gesture control, speakerphone functionality, Near Field Communications (NFC) and battery charge indication – with a claimed battery life of 14 Hours.

    The Yoyo M is the middle product in the new range and has been uniquely designed as an active, stereo pair of speakers offering a wider more accurate stereo image. Each Yoyo (M) features one full range driver and a subwoofer. The Yoyo (M) also offers Bluetooth, an aux input and USB charging on the go, gesture control, speakerphone functionality and battery charge indication – with an extended battery life of 24 Hours.

    Finally, at the top of the range is Yoyo (L), which is billed as a truly innovative and unique all-in-one system featuring a full range driver and subwoofer in each of the front, left and right sides of the product. Each driver has its own amplifier and all in an enclosure measuring 335 x 210 x 335mm (wxhxd).

    The front firing speakers allow superior presence while the side-mounted drivers give wider dispersion and an immersive sound throughout the listening room, says the manufacturer. Available in Dark Grey or Light Grey, Yoyo (L) offers Bluetooth, Google Cast and Spotify Connect, an ARC input for your TV, TOSLINK optical and aux connections and will also learn your TV remote commands for seamless integration.

    Yoyo (L) is compatible with hi-res sources and has been designed for simple installation on a TV stand, shelf or sideboard, ready for all day use by the whole family.

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