Cambridge Audio Edge Series launched

50 years in the making

by hodg100 Mar 27, 2018 at 3:27 PM

  • Cambridge Audio is to celebrate their 50th anniversary with the introduction of Edge, a flagship hi-fi system that introduces a new standard for sound and design from the company.
    The new series builds on Cambridge Audio’s driving principles of creating products that bring the ‘Great British Sound’ – a pure, unfiltered audio experience – into the home, offering the company’s most accomplished system to date, says the release.

    Five decades of engineering expertise has inspired the development of Edge, which features some of Cambridge Audio’s most innovative audio engineering to date. The new series is named for Professor Gordon Edge, one of Cambridge Audio’s founders, an entrepreneurial force of the Cambridge technology cluster and inventor of the company’s first product, the P40 integrated amplifier. The P40 broke the mould, pioneering the use of toroidal transformers in amplifiers, when compared to similar products using EI transformers

    The Edge series will be available from June and will consist of three units: Edge A, the integrated amplifier; Edge NQ, the preamplifier and network player; and Edge W, the power amplifier. Edge will be available in selected Richer Sounds stores. The separate units that make up the Edge series are connected by a shared engineering and design philosophy.

    Firstly, components within Edge were chosen for their ‘sonic merit’ alone. Price, specs, measurements, etc. were all disregarded in favour of what genuinely sounds best. Secondly, Cambridge Audio’s engineers were fanatical in their efforts to keep the signal path short. Doing so has ensured the final sound is as pure and unfiltered as possible, staying true to the source. Finally, says Cambridge Audio, it was imperative Edge featured a beautifully simple exterior.

    Cambridge Audio’s proprietary streaming platform, StreamMagic, has provided the brains for their network players since 2011. The platform has been updated for Edge and allows playback from virtually any digital source: AirPlay, Chromecast built-in, UPnP, ARC (Audio Return Channel), USB, S/PDIF, Spotify Connect and more.

    Cambridge Audio removed conventional capacitors from the printed circuit boards in Edge, replacing them with a DC coupled topology which is designed to reduce distortion. A solid-state volume control is there to aid with balance.

    Across the Edge series, Cambridge Audio have endeavoured to keep the signal path – the components between the music source and output – as short as possible. In the case of Edge W, there are only 14 components in the signal path, where similar products might have 30-40.

    The Edge series will consist of: the Edge A is an integrated amplifier with a retail price around £4,500; the Edge NQ is a pre-amplifier and network player which will be around £3,500 and, finally, the Edge W, which is the best power amplifier Cambridge Audio have ever made and has an estimated retail of £2,500.

    Edge has been a project of passion for Cambridge Audio. With our 50th anniversary approaching we saw an opportunity to push the boundaries of our abilities to create something truly unique, something truly inspirational. We removed all limitations during development of Edge – anything goes so long as it’s in pursuit of the best system we’ve ever made. The results speak for themselves. Edge is sublime.” Stuart George, Managing Director, Cambridge Audio

    You will have the opportunity to experience Edge ahead of its launch with Cambridge Audio demoing the system at major audio shows across the globe in early 2018.

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