C4 HD and All4 Catch-up removed from Freesat

Nobody saw this coming

by hodg100 Feb 21, 2018 at 6:23 PM

  • In a move that is a blow to viewers using free to air satellite service Freesat, it has been announced that the channel C4 HD – where HD means High Definition – and the Channel 4 family’s catch-up service, All4, are to be removed from the platform.
    The announcement was made on 20th February 2018 and the services are to be terminated, on Freesat, on Thursday 22nd February so it has been something of a bolt from the blue with viewers left angry and frustrated at the aped at which events have unfolded.

    Neither Channel 4 or Freesat have explained the decision but the short notice customers have been given suggests that machinations must have been on-going behind the scenes for some time now.

    It is still possible to access the Standard Definition (SD) version of C4 and All4 is available over a number of platforms but that will be only a crumb of comfort for many viewers who like to consolidate all their services via one device.

    The letter to customers read as follows:

    We’re sorry to announce that All 4 and 4HD will be leaving Freesat on Thursday 22nd February, 2018.

    Channel 4 is still available in standard definition, but any recordings you have scheduled for 4HD will need to be re-set in SD (via channel 104).

    E4, More 4, 4seven and Film4 remain unaffected and can be accessed via the TV guide as usual, but the rollback guide and catch-up TV for all of the Channel 4 channels will no longer be available via your Freesat box.

    If you have any questions about these changes please read our Q&A here, and to find out where else you can watch All 4 please visit all4.com/how-to-watch

    For the time being no other platforms, including Freeview, have been affected so it is still possible to watch C4 in HD without a subscription but we’ll be keeping our eyes on the situation.

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