BT Plus combined 4G and Fibre plans launched

BT converges home and mobile deals

by hodg100 May 26, 2018 at 8:16 AM

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    BT Plus combined 4G and Fibre plans launched
    BT is launching BT Plus, the UK’s first converged fibre and 4G plan under one bill
    BT Plus gives customers BT’s fastest unlimited fibre connection available in their area, including Ultrafast fibre with an average speed of 300Mbps and a 100Mbps speed guarantee even at peak times. In addition, BT Plus customers get a free upgrade to BT’s fastest 4G and double the mobile data allowance.

    BT Plus is the first product to be launched as part of BT’s commitment to keep customers connected by bringing together mobile, broadband and Wi-Fi networks through first-of-their-kind converged products.

    Pete Oliver, Managing Director of BT Marketing and Sales said: “We know our customers’ lives revolve around being connected at home and on the go, and that it’s a challenge for families to manage all of their mobile and broadband services. We’re launching BT Plus to make it easier for our customers to get the best of fibre and 4G to stay connected wherever they are, and our Keep Connected Promise means that if ever there’s a problem with your broadband – we’ll use 4G to keep your family connected while we fix it.”

    With BT Plus, BT is introducing the UK’s first Keep Connected Promise. If a BT Plus customer reports a fault with their home broadband, BT will switch on free, unlimited data on their BT mobiles within an hour and will also send a free 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub to arrive the next day, with unlimited data to keep customers connected at home while their broadband is repaired.

    BT Plus will give customers Superfast or Ultrafast Fibre speeds and a free upgrade to the fastest 4G speed available on their network. Ultrafast Fibre Plus offers come with a 100Mbps speed guarantee (even at peak times), backed up with the promise of £20 compensation if the speed drops below that level. As with all BT plans, Plus customers will also gain free access to nearly 6 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK. BT Plus customers will also receive 24/7 dedicated UK and Ireland support as well as a Broadband Price Freeze for 18 months.

    BT Plus is available to new and existing customers from and over the phone. In addition, for the first time, BT Plus fibre will be available through EE retail stores nationwide. When taking BT Plus, customers can buy it as a bundle of fibre and mobile together or take fibre first and then add mobile later.

    Customers who have more than one mobile on their BT Plus account will qualify for double data every month and a free upgrade to the fastest 4G speeds - on all their BT SIMs and smart phones. Customers get a £5 a month discount on any BT Mobile plan as well as a further 20% discount on every additional SIM added.

    BT Plus bundles are available starting from £61.99. These include Ultrafast or Superfast Fibre Plus, with a mobile SIM plan starting from 1GB (500MB plan with 500MB free) up to 80GB (40GB plan with 40GB free).

    BT are promoting the Plus bundles as potential great value for families. For example, a family of four on BT Plus can enjoy Superfast Fibre and four 10GB SIMs (5GB plan with double data) for less than £100 per month.

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