Bristol Sound & Vision Show set to kick-off

30th Anniversary of UK’s largest consumer Hi-Fi and Home Cinema Show

by Mark Hodgkinson Feb 23, 2017 at 2:14 PM

  • The 30th Bristol Sound & Vision Show, one of the UKs premiere Hi-Fi and Home Cinema events, takes place this weekend from Friday the 24th of February to Sunday the 26th 2017.

    Around two hundred brands will be exhibiting their latest products and technologies, including a few show exclusive launches. There will also be more than £12,000 worth of prizes for visitors to win, exclusive discount on kit, opportunities to speak with manufacturers directly and a free set of headphones for any students in attendance

    The Bristol Show will see the UK debut of the SVS SB16 ULTRA subwoofer, featuring a sixteen-inch driver with an 8-inch edge wound voice coil, the largest ever deployed in a consumer subwoofer. The event will also see the launch of the Dynaudio Focus XD speakers that are digital from the source to the driver – and all can handle full-fat 24-bit/192kHz hi-res files through their entire signal path for what the manufacturer reports as ‘zero-compromise’ sound. Dynaudio will also let you get hands-on with the Emit M20 stand-mounters.

    The Chord Electronics Hugo 2 will also make its UK Debut, in Bristol, which is the manufacturer’s latest compact DAC/Headphone Amp solution; the new device has been comprehensively upgraded and introduces the latest proprietary Chord Electronics FPGA technology. Rega will also be there to show off its 2017 Record Store Day Turntable featuring the RP3 plinth, running gear and 12mm glass platter combined with the company’s new RB110 tonearm for a plug & play set-up and attractive £250 pricing. Rega will also present a ‘show exclusive’ preview of its new Ania Moving Coil & New MC Phono Stage.

    Audio-Technica caught our eye at CES 2017 and they will be showing their new flagship high performance over-the-ear wireless headphones. The Bluetooth aptX HD-enabled ATH-DSR9BT, winner of a CES Innovation 2017 award from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), and the ATH-DSR7BT. These wireless models are the first headphones to employ Audio-Technica’s innovative Pure Digital Drive system, proprietary technology that, along with advancements in driver design, keeps the original audio signal completely digital from source to driver. Alongside this wireless duo, Audio-Technica will also be showing its premium wired model, the ATHSR9.

    The Bristol Show will also mark the first public demonstration of MQA streaming via TIDAL on some Bluesound kit. Kudos will also be providing an exclusive on its prototype of a new Titan 707 loudspeaker. Arcam will also be demonstrating new products in the form of their AV860 Pre-amp Processor and rPhono Phono Stage.

    There will, of course, be lots more going on and our intrepid reporters Steve Withers and Ed Selley will be in attendance, so feel free to accost the pair if you see them on the show floor.

    As ever, the event is being held at the Marriot City Centre Hotel in Bristol and, if you're heading there, why not add your name to the Roll Call and then follow that up with your thoughts on what you saw at the show.

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