IFA 2017: B&O partners with LG to produce Eclipse OLED TV

The best of two worlds?

by Mark Hodgkinson Aug 30, 2017 at 9:41 AM

  • Bang & Olufsen is pursuing a new partnership with LG resulting in a new TV termed the BeoVision Eclipse
    The BeoVision Eclipse is marketed as both a television and a music system presented in one comprehensive solution. The TV’s integrated 450 watt, three-channel SoundCentre offers both stereo performance and a centre channel. By also integrating internet radio and music streaming services, BeoVision Eclipse becomes a music system in its own right.

    If you opt to use additional speakers via the integrated surround sound decoder, the centre channel performance of the TV matches any of the Bang & Olufsen high-end BeoLab loudspeakers. In other words, this enables an immersive cinematic experience in your own home.

    By merging LG Electronics’ OLED TV technology to the Bang & Olufsen experience, we have reached an even higher level and created the ultimate TV experience. That is why we have chosen the name 'Eclipse' – two outstanding objects meet and create something even more spectacular and beautiful,” says Stefan K. Persson.

    The design draws on the classic Bang & Olufsen ideal of aesthetic simplicity, highlighting the importance of sound; The slim glass surface continues beneath the SoundCentre, which in turn expands beyond the screen on both sides.

    The motorized floor stand sets BeoVision Eclipse further apart. With a push of a button, you can make the TV move soundlessly across the floor, as if it were floating towards you. No matter where you are seated, the TV can always be adjusted to your position, modifying not only the viewing experience, but the entire decoration of the room.

    In addition to the floor stand, BeoVision Eclipse can be placed on a motorised or manual wall bracket.

    The TV includes 4K video processing technology and comes with LG Electronics´most recent webOS 3.5 platform. The platform allows you to access and customise your favourite content, apps and devices; Music streaming services like Spotify, content providers such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, Blu-ray players of any brand, as well as your personal content. The audio streaming part includes TuneIn radio, Spotify Connect, Deezer, Chromecast built-in for audio, audio AirPlay and Bluetooth streaming.

    Everything is controlled with a single remote, the BeoRemote One BT, and allows for a great degree of personalisation; By pushing one of the ‘MyButton’ for three seconds, it is possible to store access to a source, creating a shortcut to content or devices – e.g. streaming services, personal content or a Blu-Ray player.

    At Bang & Olufsen, we strive to evolve alongside our customers and deliver products that fit into their lives. BeoVision Eclipse is in many ways a flexible solution for the modern consumer, and it represents another leap forward in the way we make TV’s. It is what you want it to be at any given time,” says Stefan K. Persson.

    BeoVision Eclipse will be available in two sizes – a 55” and a 65” version. It will be available in Bang & Olufsen European retailers in September at a recommended price from:

    BeoVision Eclipse 55” incl. Wallbracket, fabric speaker cover and BeoRemote One: £8,290
    BeoVision Eclipse 65” incl. Wallbracket, fabric speaker cover and BeoRemote One: £11,590

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